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OEM Halogen Light Manufacturer

CARCUU Standard Halogen Bulbs are OEM quality and produced with high quality materials, the purest gas and precision filament placement. These bulbs are the perfect option for those looking to replace their old, dim, or under performing headlights.

Our LED Headlight bulbs are designed to give you more light output while maintaining a safe beam pattern for oncoming traffic. Your factory cut off line will stay at the same level but the brightness below it will shine brighter and farther down the road!

It's very important that you know the bulb size needed for your vehicle before ordering. we have them listed in our vehicle search option but for more clarification we have given you this specific list for your vehicle.

Our Long Life halogen bulb offers performance for standard requirements for cars, trucks, and SUVs with halogen headlight bulbs.  CARCUU Long Life halogen bulb is robust, reliable, and cost-effective. CARCUU Long Life halogen bulb has already been successfully used in millions of new cars from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts. Convince yourself of the excellent value for money, the reliable OEM quality, and the wide product range of the CARCUU Long Life halogen bulb.

NOTE: The quantity wholesale pack is made for the fleet operators, mechanics and body shops, and any other places that need a number of bulbs. The price is reduced to the lowest price.

About this item

  • From a leader in automotive lighting, this smart replacement option delivers dependable performance and excellent light quality

  • Package Weight: 0.2 pounds

  • Look to replace in pairs to ensure uniform light and life performance

  • Package Dimensions: 4.572 H x 13.97 L x 6.096 W (centimetres)

  • OEM quality parts

  • H13 light bulb or 9008 bulb

  • High and low beam

  • 12 Volt bulb

  • Halogen light bulb

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