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Carcuu OEM LED Headlight

Carcuu is one of the leading LED Headlight Manufacturers and the best OEM LED Headlight Manufacturers in China.

Car Light Customization For Your OEM/ODM Orders

We are experienced in customizing OEM/ODM car light orders. Our car LED Headlight lighting experts oversee all processes in QEEDON factory, from auto light mold design to mold making and LED auto lights manufacturing. This ensures the exact execution of your desired design and final light. Contact us with your list of requirements and we will develop the right custom automotive light solution for you. Just tell us what you need, eg: brand / Model / Type of headlight or taillight /Other specifications.

Headlight Experts LED Bulbs are engineered to last a lifetime. They look the best, they run the coolest, and they last forever. These bulbs are top rated for a reason.Why settle for anything else when you can buy the best?

Headlight Experts LED Kits are built with Industry Leading, Top of the Line Phillips Lumiled ZES LED's that put out an amazing 6000K color temperature that is absolutely perfect for looks and visibility. Our lights put out 4000 lumens each for the best visibility that money can buy, while maintaining your factory beam pattern so you are not annoying the other drivers. Compare this to your factory halogens that put out 1200 lumens. These are over 3X brighter! These are designed in aircraft grade CNC machined housings that are engineered right, so there is a perfect beam with no light scatter.

Our "Platinum Head Design" at the tip of our lights works in relationship with the led panels to create a "laser light source" that illuminates further, with stronger penetration and a more defined beam pattern.

In addition, we made our LED sets with the slimmest design on the market so fitment is never an issue. The clearance is about the same as most of the factory bulbs that you are removing so there is no chance of incorrect fitment. Most competitors use bulky cooling units at the back that have a hard time fitting in most headlight assemblies. Our unique aluminum fin radiators encourages optimum cooling of our units so they can last a lifetime.

Our bulbs are designed with direct fit plug and play connectors that require no wiring. These will simply plug-in to your factory connector and replace your factory bulbs with no modifications required. This makes installation a breeze.

If you want the latest technology, best quality LED lights that money can buy, look no further. Buy From The Experts!

QUALITY: Painted to match your truck or any color that is desired and these are backed by our 1 year warranty*. We only use the best lighting and paint products so that we can achieve high quality results that will last.

CUSTOM MADE: These are made to order and can take anywhere from 4-7 weeks for completion depending on current lead times.

What Are OEM LED Units?

OEM (Original Equipment)LED headlight units and tail light units come direct from the factoryand are fitted at time of vehicle purchase, or as a factory upgrade (AKA factory fitted).

Typically, before purchasing a brand new vehicle, you’ll be asked if you want the following light clusters:

· Standard (Halogen) Units

· Sealed LED Units

· Xenon HID Units

Each option presented uses a different type of technologyand they all offer a variety of benefits.

Sealed LED units are exactly as they sound.

They contain different clusters of LED bulbs that are sealed into the LED unit.

LED’s allow for an instant light outputand many people choose them as a styling option.

Are Sealed LED Headlights / Tail Lights Road Legal?


Simply put, they are road legalbecause they are factory fitted.

They will be “e marked” and are built for the sole purpose of the vehicle.

Unlike aftermarket LED’s or HID kits, these units will not be replacing a specific bulb type but instead – will be replacing the whole unit.

The light output and beam pattern will be exactly as the manufacturer intended.

How Do I Get Road Legal LED Headlights Or Tail Lights?

Simply put, the best way to get fully legal LED unitsis direct from the dealership when buying a new car.

Of course taking these more advanced light units will add a significant amount to your final bill.

Another option is to source aftermarket LED headlight units.

This option can be cheaperand in theory gives you more flexibility when shopping around. However full upgrade LED headlight units are not yet widely available. Rear LED clusters are more common and depending on your vehicle, you may have some choice over the styles and options available.

You can swap the units out completely as they are designed to be a direct replacement.

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