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Do you know all these "dengyandengyu"?

These code words hidden behind the headlight signals

Do you know all these dengyandengyu? 1

Do you know all these "dengyandengyu"?

As one of the auto parts, car lights are not only a tool for illuminating the vehicle when driving at night, but also a reminder tool for sending various driving signals. To a large extent, it determines whether we can have a friendly "conversation" with other drivers. .

Therefore, it is very necessary to understand and be familiar with the meaning of each car light signal.

1. The car behind follows the car too closely

Whether you are driving on a highway or on a normal road, maintaining a certain distance between vehicles can effectively reduce the risk of accidents. However, sometimes it is inevitable that you will encounter people who like to follow the car and the distance between the two vehicles is too close.

Not conducive to safe driving. At this time, the person being followed will often pay special attention to the situation of the car behind, because they are worried that the car behind will suddenly brake suddenly and hit themselves.

This greatly reduces the concentration of the driver in front. In this case, you need to turn on the brake lights intermittently.

Hidden code: The car is too close, keep an appropriate distance.

2. There is a problem with the car traveling next to you

There are often many uncertain factors when driving a car. The trunk and doors are not closed in time, there are abnormalities in the tires... many situations happen from time to time.

Due to the difference in location and space, it is generally difficult for drivers or passengers in the car to observe these situations. For other vehicles,

It can be seen very intuitively. If you encounter this situation, you can flash your headlights three times in succession to alert the vehicle in front.

Hidden code: There is something wrong with the vehicle, check it carefully.

3. The car in front is still not moving when the light turns green.

When waiting for a traffic light, if you are behind the waiting queue and there are other vehicles in front of you, sometimes the green light will turn on but the car in front will remain motionless.

At this time, it may be because the driver of the car in front started slowly or did not notice that the green light was on in time. You can flash the headlights to remind you.

Hidden code: The green light is on, you can start.

4. Driving at night without turning off the high beam headlights

When driving at night, the use of lights is especially important, and the intersection of two vehicles requires lights to achieve it. If you encounter an oncoming vehicle with its headlights on while merging,

Maybe the other party forgot to turn off the high beam. If you drive with high beams on for a long time at night, it will affect the vision of the driver on the opposite side when meeting other cars, which is a certain risk. If this happens, you can flash the headlights twice to remind you.

Hidden code: Remember to switch lights for better driving.

5. Traffic must merge into lanes

In daily driving life, the vehicle lane changing is also a situation that most car owners will encounter. It should be noted that lane changing requires both parties to reach a consensus, otherwise it will easily cause the vehicle to be scratched or rear-ended.

If you encounter a vehicle traveling with you that needs to change lanes, you can use your headlights to tell the other party whether you want to change lanes.

Hidden code: a flash of the headlights means "agree", a continuous flash of the headlights means "reject"

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