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Do you know why your car lights are getting dimmer?10

Do you know why your car lights are getting dimmer?10 1

Nowadays, most families own their own cars, and many car owners take great care of them. As long as the vehicle is in slight condition, they will become extremely nervous, fearing that something serious will happen to their car. Today we will briefly talk about car lights. It may not be easy to distinguish the brightness of the lights when driving during the day, but when the light gets darker at night, all problems arise. So how to maintain the lights of your car so that Let me give you some tips.

Check the lights

Whenever you need to drive out, you need to check the vehicle lights. After all, headlights, side lights, brake lights, and turn signals are all important communication tools for transmitting road information to the cars behind you. If you want to know whether they are in good working condition, you can find a shop with a glass door and use the mirror as a reference to see if the lights are working to avoid accidents on the road.

Replace light bulb

Do you know why your car lights are getting dimmer?10 2

Car bulbs also have a lifespan, with halogen bulbs having a lifespan of about one year and xenon lamps having a lifespan of about five years. During use, problems such as contact oxidation, filament volatilization, and parts aging may occur. Even if the bulbs can still be bright, they will be dimmer than new ones, which will affect the safety of the vehicle when driving at night.

Check the line

If the vehicle's wiring is aging or is too thin, the resistance will increase and affect the current, causing the brightness of the vehicle lights to dim. In severe cases, it may cause the wiring to overheat and cause a fire. So be sure to check the wiring, but remember not to disassemble it without permission. Go to a professional repair shop or 4S shop for comprehensive inspection.

lampshade care

The lampshades of cars are made of special materials, mainly to ensure their sealing effect. However, over time, the lampshades will inevitably encounter bumps and bumps, and then air will enter the lamp body. In addition, daily When washing a car, it is easy to form fog, causing the taillights to become foggy. The correct approach is to dry the outside water as soon as possible after washing the car, and clean the lampshade in time to keep the outside clean and tidy for a long time.

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