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Driving light language

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Usually when we drive on the road, in addition to using the horn to communicate, on the road sections where honking is not allowed, the driving light language has become a way of communication between cars. When the car lights flash different times, the meanings expressed are also different. Different, so do you understand all these conventional "lantern languages"?

If you are in a hurry and want to overtake, when the car behind you is preparing to overtake, you can flash your headlights once to remind the car in front that you are about to overtake, and to attract the attention of the car in front. After receiving the reminder, the owner of the car in front will take the initiative to slow down or maintain the original speed if he is willing to let the other car overtake, giving the car behind him a chance to overtake.

When driving at night, the vehicle turns on its high beam headlights. The huge halo produced at this time will make the driver of the oncoming car unable to see the road ahead. If he loses his judgment on the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, the consequences will be disastrous. of. Therefore, flashing the headlights twice at this time means that the other party is reminding you that you need to turn off the high beams to avoid causing danger to oncoming vehicles or yourself.

Driving light language 1

Driving light language 2

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