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It’s cold, do car owners know how to use fog lights? Issue 191116 Attachment 1

This post is a special post for issues related to the fog lights of the new 2019 FAW-Volkswagen Jetta VS5. It collects and organizes the chat records of the Jetta VS5 car enthusiasts group. (The main post is: Compilation of discussion records of Jetta VS5 car owners group No. 191116)

The description of the fog light problem in the previous issue was not accurate enough, so Haimi followed up with this article to answer this question as comprehensively as possible.

It’s cold, do car owners know how to use fog lights? Issue 191116 Attachment 1 1

(For the topic, please refer to Issue 191115 Attachment 1 to read =>)

1. The 2019 FAW-Volkswagen New Jetta VS5 does not have front fog lights, but has one rear fog light.

It’s cold, do car owners know how to use fog lights? Issue 191116 Attachment 1 2

2. How to turn on the front fog lights? How to turn on the rear fog lights?

First turn the light knob to the "AUTO" or "position light" position

It’s cold, do car owners know how to use fog lights? Issue 191116 Attachment 1 3

Then lift the knob toward your body.

It’s cold, do car owners know how to use fog lights? Issue 191116 Attachment 1 4

Mention that the "front fog light" indicator light is on (the front low beam headlights will be on),

Raise the "rear fog light" indicator twice to light up (the indicator light is displayed on the instrument panel and the rear fog light will light up). This operation is suitable for most light switches.

3. Use of fog lights.

Encounter low visibility environments such as heavy fog, snow, rain or dust.

Don't use high beam! Make yourself invisible.

Use low beam and turn on the rear fog lights! Let the cars behind you see you!

Slow down! Don't brake suddenly! Drive the speed limit!

Press your horn every once in a while to let other cars hear you.

Find a parking spot nearby (some highways will have emergency parking strips).

The above are general operations, but due to the complex environment, there are many opinions on whether to turn on double flash. Let’s talk about everyone’s opinions.

Riders said: The double flashing lights are warning lights. If they are turned on suddenly, they may cause the car behind to misjudge the emergency situation and brake suddenly, causing damage to the car behind. It may also cause a large car to directly hit the butt of the car.

Some riders also said that they would use double flash in rainy days, foggy days, and dark situations when they cannot see.

Haimi's point of view: The reason for the disagreement is that everyone has different understandings of the meaning of double flashes. Haimi believes that this matter cannot be completely operated according to the lighting usage regulations and should depend on the situation. Drivers in many regions have different understanding and use of lights. (For example, some use flashing high beams as overtaking reminders, and some use turning right as overtaking.) Therefore, under the current geographical and weather conditions, we use lights reasonably to convey our information in a way that does not cause trouble to others. , that’s it.

However, it should be noted that the most dangerous thing about driving double flashes in foggy weather is that there is no way to express the steering information.

4. Fog lamp modification

As mentioned in the previous issue, Haimi would like to remind you to give priority to going to the 4S point for modification, which can provide after-sales service. Private modification may cause wrangling problems. (On the grounds of private modification, we will not provide you with after-sales service.)


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