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Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together

Since the first "civilian portable" car lights appeared in 1887, the function of car lights is no longer limited to "illumination", but also plays the role of driving prompts, safety warnings, etc. Under special circumstances, a flashing light can also Represents many meanings.

Today, Lynk & Co will take you to reveal the "secret language" of car lights.

Light language: The headlights flash once

Explanation: After the light turns green, the vehicle in front will not move

Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together 1

We often encounter situations where the car in front does not move at all when the light is green. At this time, we can flash the headlights to alert the vehicle in front. If there is no sign that the car in front has started, flash the headlights again. Do not flash the headlights continuously, as this may easily cause resentment in the driver of the car in front.

Light language: The headlights flash twice

Explanation: Prompt the other party to turn off the high beam lights

Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together 2

When meeting cars at night, the other party's high beams will affect the driver's vision, especially on road sections where road lighting is not ideal. Using high beams is an important factor in inducing car accidents. The driver can flash the headlights twice to remind the other party. Turn off high beam.

Light language: The headlights flash three times

Explanation: There is a problem with the neighboring vehicle.

Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together 3

If you find something wrong with a neighboring car while driving, you can flash your headlights three times in a row. Wait for the driver of the neighboring car to pay attention to the lights, then flash the headlights three times. In the same way, if someone flashes the headlights three times at you, you should also pay attention. There may be something wrong with your car, and the car behind you is showing you kindness. reminder.

Light language: Continuously flashing headlights

Explanation: Attract the attention of pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles

Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together 4

Pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles jaywalking on the road at night cannot judge vehicle speed and distance, thus posing huge safety risks to driving. At this time, we can only use strobe headlights to dissuade pedestrians and non-motor vehicles crossing the road from colliding with cars.

Light language: Brake lights turn on periodically

Explanation: Remind the vehicle behind to keep distance

Newbies, let’s reveal the “secret language” of car lights together 5

When people are following a car, the distance between the cars is usually relatively close. The driver of the car in front will inevitably divert some energy to "pay attention" to the car behind him, and he will inevitably worry about whether the car behind him will hit him because he did not brake in time. When driving, the vehicle in front must use its brake lights to remind the vehicle behind to keep the distance between them.

Nowadays, more and more urban road sections prohibit honking, and using light changes to remind others and vehicles is a common method for car owners. In order to improve driving safety, car owners must remember the language of car lights!

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