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A fog light that even a 10-year-old driver wouldn’t recognize! Do you know how to use it?

A fog light that even a 10-year-old driver wouldn’t recognize! Do you know how to use it? 1

There are many lights on cars, which can be dazzling. I believe you are familiar with the more commonly used lights, but many friends are not too familiar with some uncommon lights, such as fog lights, and some friends may even drive them. I haven't used fog lights on my car for several years.

It is precisely because fog lamps are rarely used, so today it is necessary for Lun Gu to tell friends some basic common sense about the use of fog lamps. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you find it useful, you can share it with your friends. Maybe they need it too.

What are fog lights?

Fog lights, fog lights, as the name suggests, are lights used in rainy and foggy days. You should understand this.

A fog light that even a 10-year-old driver wouldn’t recognize! Do you know how to use it? 2

Fog lights are divided into front fog lights and rear fog lights. The colors of the front and rear fog lights are different.

Front fog lights are usually yellow or bright white, and rear fog lights are red.

What is the function of fog lights?

Speaking of this, I believe many friends may have questions in their hearts: "Why do we need to turn on fog lights? What does it do?" Don't worry, Lun Gu will tell you slowly below.

In rainy and foggy days, fog lights can provide good visibility

Because the visibility is low in rainy and foggy weather, your line of sight will be limited when driving. At this time, the light penetration of fog lights is stronger, which can improve the recognition of you and the surrounding traffic, and make oncoming cars and pedestrians clear. Spot each other from a distance.

In other words, in low visibility conditions, the visibility of a vehicle is an important indicator in determining vehicle safety.

In layman's terms, in rainy and foggy weather, the fog lights illuminate brighter and farther, allowing more cars to see your car, thereby avoiding a crash.

There is a problem that Lungu wants to talk about here. According to a survey by Chang'an University, although fog lights have the best penetration effect, in actual situations, the opening rate of fog lights is the lowest.

This shows that many car owners know the importance of fog lights in theory, but do not use them in practice. Haha, where are you looking? Im talking about you.

In the final analysis, many friends do not have a clear understanding of the effectiveness of fog lights. Because of this, it shows how necessary it is to popularize the topic of fog lights today.

After all, the purpose of turning on fog lights is to alert other cars around you, and other cars becoming aware of your presence will greatly reduce the probability of an accident.

When to use fog lights?

Speaking of which, I believe many friends are eager to know, when will the fog lights be turned on?

According to Article 81 of the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law": When visibility is less than 200 meters in rainy and foggy days, motor vehicles should turn on their fog lights.

In other words, fog lights only come into play when the visibility is less than 200 meters.

Under normal weather, turning on fog lights will interfere with the vision of other vehicles.

In good visibility conditions, fog lights can become very glaring.

At this time, if you turn on the fog lights, your car will cause a lot of interference to the driving vision of other cars, which may cause an accident, especially cars with rear fog lights on.

This feeling is similar to that of being illuminated by a high-beam headlight, which is very dazzling. Anyway, every time I meet a high-beam dog, I always have the urge to go up and beat him to death.

Therefore, traffic regulations in many countries clearly stipulate that vehicles are prohibited from turning on fog lights when visibility is good.

How to turn on fog lights?

Most of the models currently on sale have their fog light switches on the left rear or left side of the steering wheel, and there will be obvious signs to remind you.

Generally, you can turn on the fog lights after turning on the width lights.

Among them, the front fog lights can be turned on independently, while the rear fog lights can only be turned on at the same time as the front fog lights and cannot be turned on independently.

There are two main styles of fog light switches, push-button type and knob type. Different car manufacturers will have their own customary ways of turning on fog lights.

1. Push-button switch

This kind of fog light switch is relatively common on American brands such as General Motors and Ford. The characteristic of this opening method is that it is easy to operate and the corresponding functions can be realized with one click.

2. Knob switch

This kind of fog light switch itself is divided into two styles: one is integrated on the left lever (turn signal lever), which is common in independent brand and Japanese brand models;

The other is independently set in the left area of the center console in the form of a knob. Volkswagen models are typical representatives of this type of fog light switch.


Fog lights have higher brightness and stronger penetrating power. In weather conditions with low visibility such as rain and fog, fog lights can provide good visibility, thereby effectively reducing the probability of accidents.

When visibility is good, turning on the fog lights will cause interference or even damage to the eyes of other drivers, leading to a car accident.

Therefore, it is recommended that car owners use fog lights in a standardized manner, and they must be ethical when driving. The most important thing is to develop good lighting usage habits. What do you think?

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