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An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture

When you are driving on the road, have you ever encountered the car behind you or the car behind you flashing your headlights? In addition to confusion and irritation, you may not know that this may be a kind reminder from the car owner, so for This kind of reminder still needs to be studied more, small actions have profound meanings. Since ancient times, car owners belong to the same family. Some reminders can ensure safety. The king of heaven covers the tiger, the chicken stews with mushrooms, the whistle and the flashing lights remind you to avoid danger!

An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture 1

Car driving is a technical job. After you become proficient in it, you gradually accumulate some simple and easy-to-understand car culture. How to honk and use the flashing lights is known as the communication culture between car owners. After all, cars are steel. When driving on the road, you can't just rely on your loud voice, but rely on these methods to communicate. Please listen to the experienced driver for details.

Light language, commonly known as light language, is very useful when driving during the day and at night. It can remind the other party whether the vehicle is dangerous or allow the other party to avoid it in advance to avoid subsequent dangers.

An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture 2

First, the light flashes

It means prompting the other party to start or warning the other party that there is danger, and reminding the other party to pay attention.

Second, the light flashes twice

This situation is often encountered when driving at night. It is used when two cars from the opposite direction meet. The reason is that many new drivers use high beams when driving at night, which will make the oncoming vehicles unable to see the situation ahead clearly. Therefore, flashing the headlights twice indicates that you want the other party to turn off the high beams so that everyone can drive safely.

Of course, in this case, many car enthusiasts may adopt the "tit for tat" approach. Everyone lights up their high-beam headlights and hurts each other. In fact, you really don't need to drive a car out of anger like this. You still need to drive in a civilized manner. Let's start with me!

Third, the light flashes three times

Absolutely positive operation. If someone flashes their headlights three times at you, it is a kind reminder to you that your car door is not closed or the fuel tank cap is not closed, or even the tire is deflated, etc.

In this situation, after receiving the message, you can honk the horn to indicate receipt, and then pull over and get out of the car to check. Of course, you must do these actions under the premise of ensuring the safety of your own vehicle. Generally, this is done at a highway parking port or It's better to be near the parking space at the intersection.

Fourth, when merging, the turn signal must be turned on three times before taking action.

It is an unwritten rule that when merging on the road, you must be prepared to turn on the turn signal in advance, so as to create sufficient preparation time for the car behind you. Generally, it is safest to wait until the turn signal lights up three times before merging. This is the safest way. If the headlights of the car behind you flash continuously, the meaning of the lights is that the car in front does not agree to merge, so you should wait for an opportunity before merging instead of trying to compete to avoid a small collision accident between the two cars. In addition, generally choose to go straight, turn left or turn right about 50 meters away from the intersection. Do not start merging until near the traffic light to avoid unnecessary dangers.

An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture 3

Fifth, the rear brake light flashes rapidly

If the brake lights behind the car in front of you are flashing rapidly, it means there is a special situation ahead and the vehicle has started to brake. At this time, you must react and brake and slow down to avoid accidents.

Next is the culture of car horns. This is the difference between a civilized veteran driver and an ignorant novice!

An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture 4

First, the horn sounds

It serves the purpose of reminding the other party. If you are careful enough, observe the experienced driver getting in the car and starting. After putting the gear in gear, he must blow the horn before starting to remind him that there are vehicles in the surrounding area. In addition, in addition to starting, you can also whistle once when waiting for the traffic light to remind the car in front that the green light is on and you can start moving forward!

Second, the horn rings twice

Just like honking the horn, it serves as a reminder, but is more powerful. It can be used to warn the other party of dangerous situations such as rolling away or about to hit a pedestrian.

An experienced driver elaborates on the almost forgotten light language and whistle culture 5

Third, the horn sounds three times

When the horn is blown three times, many people will probably think that they have met Duan You. In fact, other than that, they are impatient to wait and need a prompting, so they will blow the horn three times! Under normal circumstances, it is best not to use it, lest many novices will be urged to become more anxious and panic!

Source: WeChat public account New Route Automobile Life Network

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