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Are you sure you know about fog lights?

Spring is the season when rain, fog, and dust are common. In addition to slowing down and driving carefully, you also need to pay special attention to the lights of your car. Today we will talk about the use of fog lights and the dangers of fog light abuse.

The definition of automobile fog lights: refers to the purpose of increasing the running distance and improving the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants, so that oncoming cars and pedestrians can detect each other at a distance.

Are you sure you know about fog lights? 1

Location and structure of fog lights: According to the "Installation Regulations for Exterior Lighting and Light Signaling Devices of Cars and Trailers (GB4785-2007)" of the People's Republic of China, the car must be equipped with 1-2 rear fog lights. If it is equipped with only 1 rear fog light, it should Installed on the left side of the forward direction of the vehicle, the height from the ground is not less than 250mm, but not greater than 1000mm; the front fog light is optional, the color of the front fog light of the car should be white or yellow, the height from the ground is not less than 250mm, and the color of the rear fog light Must be red.

Among them, the front fog lamp is generally located at the lower part of the front bumper of the car, and some are located at the innermost side of the headlight group. As for the rear fog lights, choose the same warning red color as the brake lights. So why are there usually one rear fog light?

Because if two rear fog lights are to be installed, the distance between the fog lights and the brake lights should not be less than 10 cm. In order not to destroy the beauty of the rear of the car, only one is used. Because the Chinese cab is located on the left side of the car, that is, the left-hand drive, the rear fog lights are more located on the left side of the rear of the car, which attracts the attention of the driver behind the car. But it is different in foreign countries; for example, according to the EU ECE R38 regulations, fog lights can also be placed in the center of the car body, which also improves the aesthetics.

Are you sure you know about fog lights? 2

For the correct way to use fog lights, first let’s take a look at the official statement from the Ministry of Public Security:

1. When the visibility is 200-500 meters, the low beam headlights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 80kmh, and a driving distance of more than 150 meters must be maintained with the vehicle in front of the vehicle driving in the same lane;

2. When the visibility is 100-200 meters, fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 60kmh, and a distance of more than 100 meters from the vehicle in front must be maintained;

3. When the visibility is 50-100 meters, the fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 40kmh, and the distance from the vehicle in front should be more than 50 meters.

4. When visibility is less than 50 meters, the public security traffic control department will take traffic control measures to close part or all of the highway in accordance with regulations.

According to the above regulations, fog lights will only be activated when the visibility is 200 meters and below, which means they are basically used in rain, snow, fog, and sand and dust weather. In actual situations, we often find that vehicles do not turn on the fog lights as required, but instead turn on the double flashers.

The dangers of misusing fog lights: Fog lights were invented to make up for the shortcomings of low beam lights that cannot penetrate dense fog and heavy rain. They are only emergency lighting tools in bad weather, so they cannot be used as daily lighting tools. Fog lights have no hood and have high luminous power, and the light source has strong penetration. If a car turns on its fog lights at night, it can easily affect the driver's attention in the opposite lane or the car behind it, and it can easily cause visual fatigue and lead to accidents. Facts have proven that the misuse of fog lights is as harmful as high beam lights. For the safety of ourselves and others, we must not turn on the front and rear fog lights when we are in a clear day or night.

Are you sure you know about fog lights? 3

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