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Broken car headlight repair

There are two reasons why water vapor appears inside the headlights. The headlights themselves are from the sub-factory and have poor sealing performance. Second, there is an air hole behind the headlight, which can be opened to allow the moisture inside to evaporate. This is usually caused by not tightening the cap when installing the headlight. Are there yellowing or cracks inside the headlights?

Broken car headlight repair 1

There is still the possibility of yellowing inside the headlights, but it is very rare, unless the headlights are very old. It is very difficult to renovate such headlights. Of course, it is not impossible to repair. Are there cracks inside the headlights? This problem almost never arises because it is impossible to crack the inside. No scratches are likely to occur.

Usually when encountering the above problems, the repair principle is similar to that of headlight surface repair, but there are two more steps.

1. Disassemble the headlight: There are certain skills in disassembling the headlight. You need to remove the headlight and put it in the oven at a temperature of about 130 degrees for 10 minutes. Then peel off the glue on the edge of the headlight and then dispose of it. It is worth noting that when processing the interior of the headlights, do not touch the reflective electroplating layer of the headlights. If you wait too long, the electroplated side will fall off if touched. In this way, no matter how well the headlights are repaired, the light will not be refracted. It's not good, the verification cannot pass.

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