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Car headlight repair and refurbishment technical training

After a period of use, car headlights will age to varying degrees and accumulate dust due to different urban environments and usage conditions, which not only affects the appearance of the vehicle, but also seriously affects the brightness of the headlights. More importantly, as the only tool for lighting a car at night, the function of car lights has been severely weakened. Directly affects the driver's accurate judgment of nighttime road conditions. It will increase the probability of traffic accidents to a certain extent. Car headlight refurbishment mainly involves repairing the original car lights so that they can reach the brightness of a new car so as not to affect normal driving at night.

Car headlight repair and refurbishment technical training 1

Advantages of Nanhuang Pineapple Car Headlight Refurbishment Technology:

There is no need to replace the car lights, which ensures the sealing effect of the original car lights, avoids water intrusion caused by replacing the car lights, and ensures the maximum value of the original accessories for your car.

Car headlight refurbishment equipment repair scope:

1. Dirty car lights

2. Car lights become oxidized and turn yellow

3. Cracked headlights

4. Car light scratches

Car headlight repair and refurbishment technical training 2

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