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Car light repair - the Schrödinger of the repair industry

When it comes to car maintenance, we are all familiar with it. In our daily use of cars, almost everyone has dealt with car repairs. Therefore, for us car owners, car maintenance does not actually have a very specific concept. It is just that if there is something wrong with the car, then we need to repair it and replace the damaged parts of the car. Just practice it and it will be fine. Today we want to talk about car maintenance from a different perspective, from the perspective of car maintenance practitioners.

When it comes to car maintenance, in the eyes of professional repairers, everyone may have their own opinions. some people think. Repairing your car is a simple matter. Some people think that repairing a car is actually a very complicated matter. As the functions of cars become more and more complex. There are more and more electronic components and therefore more and more failures. This shows that our cars are becoming more and more advanced, although these complex car failures bring more and more challenges to repairs. But it also promotes the development of the domestic automobile maintenance industry.

Car light repair - the Schrödinger of the repair industry 1

At present, the development of domestic automobile maintenance has gradually become segmented. For example, there are specialized gearbox repairs, circuit repairs, and professional maintenance stores. Professional glass repair, professional interior repair, and professional light repair and sheet metal repair, to name a few. Failure in every part of the car will pose a threat to our driving safety, so every failure in the vehicle deserves our attention. So among so many professional repairs, car light repair is definitely the Schrödinger of the repair world.

As we all know, car lights carry the lighting and traffic signal functions of the car. It plays an important role in our safe driving. It is also one of the most important parts of our cars and one of the most easily damaged parts. when vehicles collide. Car lights will bear the brunt of damage. Even if the vehicle is well protected, the headlights will gradually age, yellow, and peel over time as the vehicle is used. The reason why car light repair is the Schrödinger of the maintenance world is not just because car lights are easily damaged. But because vehicle maintenance is a very big problem. Most car owners will encounter some problems with their car lights. For example, the lamp surface is scratched, the car lamp turns yellow, etc. But there is no good way to repair and repair it. So I chose not to deal with it, and directly replaced the new car lights after the car lights had aged to a certain extent. For a car worth over RMB 100,000, the replacement price of a single new headlight is around two to three thousand yuan. The headlights of some luxury cars or high-end cars can even cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. However, it is difficult to achieve high-quality repairs while reducing costs. Therefore, car light repair has also become Schrödinger in the repair industry - it is there whether you repair it or not, whether it is repaired well or not repaired poorly, It's all there too.

In our previous article, we also told you a lot about the three commonly used car light repair methods we currently use. Fumigation repair, polishing repair, and UV coating. We have also given you a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of the three repair methods. According to the needs of actual application scenarios. There are different repair options we can choose from. Of course, from the perspective of once and for all, we still choose to repair the UV coating with higher quality and infinitely close to the original factory. Although the cost is slightly higher, it is currently the best maintenance method. With technological breakthroughs and technological upgrades, car light repair is no longer a problem. The Schrödinger of this industry has long since become a thing of the past!

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