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Do you know the types, advantages and disadvantages of car headlights?1

If you were suddenly asked about the electrical equipment on your car, I believe most car owners would only be able to name the car lights. As the lighting part of the vehicle, car lights provide us with sufficient vision for driving safety. So how much do you know about car lights? ? How many types are there? What are the pros and cons of each type of headlight? The following veteran driver will tell you about the knowledge about car lights, hoping to help you when choosing car lights.

Currently, car headlights on the market are mainly divided into four categories, namely halogen headlights, xenon headlights, LED headlights, and laser headlights. The manufacturing cost of halogen headlights is the lowest, so most current low-profile models are equipped with halogen headlights. The disadvantage of halogen headlights is that the light they emit is yellowish and dim, resulting in low brightness. They can only meet the needs of street lights in urban areas. Good road conditions, but halogen headlights also have advantages, that is, they have strong penetration and are very effective in rainy or foggy days.

Because xenon headlights convert electrical energy into light energy with a relatively high efficiency and use a white color similar to sunlight, the brightness is several times that of halogen headlights, which greatly increases the field of view and increases safety. However, xenon headlights generate very high heat and need to be used with lenses. Long-term use may cause the lampshade to turn yellow. One thing to pay attention to is that the color temperature of xenon headlights is generally relatively high. In weather with poor visibility, the penetration is not strong and is not as safe as halogen headlights. Therefore, currently, models equipped with xenon headlights use near-xenon and far-halogen ones. combination.

LED headlights are a commonly used type of light now and are the trend in the future. They have a long lifespan and are energy-saving. Basically, the lights can still be used after the car is scrapped. Because the brightness of a single LED component is insufficient, a group of LED components is required to achieve safe lighting effects, which also leads to high manufacturing costs for LED headlights. However, as the technology becomes more and more mature, I believe this problem will soon be solved. solve.

Laser headlights are currently advanced automotive lighting technology, but unfortunately the manufacturing cost is too high, and only a few high-end BMW models are equipped with them. Compared with other light types, laser headlights are excellent in terms of controllability, stability, responsiveness, etc.

As the "eyes" of a vehicle, car lights need to be understood more or less as to their role. With the development of technology, what will car lights look like in the future? Let’s wait and see together!

In addition, when driving on the highway, you need to be careful not to brake at will to avoid rear-end collisions, pay attention to roadside signs to avoid penalty points for violations, and ensure that there are no abnormalities in important parts of the vehicle, including the engine and tires.

Do you know the types, advantages and disadvantages of car headlights?1 1

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