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Have you forgotten your car’s fog lights?

There have been a lot of rainy days recently. I drove on the Third Ring Road Elevated Highway after get off work and saw the different driving habits of many car enthusiasts. First of all, let me tell you a relatively dangerous situation for car friends. Driving home from get off work at night on a rainy day, the sky is dark and there are no street lights on some roads, so the visibility is very poor. One time I wanted to change lanes and checked the right lane through the rearview mirror. At first I saw that the right lane was dark with no lights, and I judged that there were no vehicles to change lanes. Later, I took another look and saw the faint reflection from the headlight cover. It turned out that the vehicle in the right lane did not turn on the headlights. Woohoo... If I hadn't looked twice, an accident might have happened.

There are also some car owners who turn on emergency lights instead of fog lights on the road in rainy days. Let me briefly talk about the use of the two indicator lights. Emergency lights: As the name suggests, they are turned on when encountering an emergency, such as a vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road, being towed by another car, parking on the roadside, etc. Its function is to warn other vehicles to pay attention to my car. Fog lamp: It is a lamp with strong penetrating power used in heavy fog or rainy days. It is used to illuminate the road and provide safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. When you turn on the emergency lights, the turn signals on the left and right sides of the vehicle will flash at the same time, and the turn signals cannot be used alone. If you want to turn or change lanes while driving, the vehicle behind you will not be able to correctly receive your signal. This situation is also very dangerous. . When driving normally without an emergency, it is most appropriate to use headlights + fog lights in rainy days.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it won't be long before there will be fog in the morning or evening, making travel visibility poor. You can understand and learn to use fog lights in advance to prepare for use. Let's take Skyworth's second-generation hybrid HT-i as an example to show you the front and rear fog lights of the vehicle for everyone to learn from.

Have you forgotten your car’s fog lights? 1

Have you forgotten your car’s fog lights? 2

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