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Headlight repair, a cost-effective and effective repair method

Yellowing of headlight covers has become a common phenomenon on older vehicles

Every time it comes to the annual vehicle inspection, many cars will be judged to be unqualified because the headlights are not bright enough. The reason why the headlights are not bright enough is mostly due to the aging and yellowing of the headlight covers. Why does the headlight cover turn yellow? This starts with the material of the headlight cover.

Headlight repair, a cost-effective and effective repair method 1

Headlight cover materials are generally divided into two types: glass and resin. Glass materials will not turn yellow. However, there are basically no car models with glass headlight covers. Today’s car models all use resin material lampshades, and resin materials have One characteristic is that it is prone to aging and yellowing. This is because the resin is easily affected by ultraviolet rays. As time goes by, the surface of the lampshade will turn yellow and become blurred, so that the light from the car lights cannot shine through the lampshade. Naturally, The brightness is not enough.

Headlight repair, a cost-effective and effective repair method 2

What is the solution to the yellowing of the headlight cover?

There are only two ways to solve the yellowing of the headlight cover, either to directly replace the headlight assembly with a new one. This method is simple, direct and effective. The only disadvantage is that it is more expensive. Another solution that saves money is to repair the headlights. Although the repaired headlights cannot restore 100% of the headlight brightness, they can at least restore more than 80%. The biggest advantage is that the price is cheap. If you do it yourself, it only costs a few dozen yuan. It can be solved, and repair tools can be purchased online. If you are not good at doing it yourself, you can go directly to the store to repair it. A headlight only costs 100 yuan at most, which is much cheaper than replacing a new headlight assembly.

Headlight repair, a cost-effective and effective repair method 3

If you want to replace the headlight assembly with a new one, I personally do not recommend that you buy and use low-quality lamps such as high-imitation or factory-made lamps. Although these parts are cheap, their brightness and durability are far inferior to the original lamps. Because the material of inferior lamps is relatively poor, the headlight shades are more likely to turn yellow than the original ones, and there may also be problems with headlight astigmatism. Even if such headlights are replaced, they will easily fail the annual inspection. It is better to repair the original ones. Headlights are more reliable.

Headlight repair, a cost-effective and effective repair method 4

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