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How much do you know about the use and maintenance of car fog lights?

How to use and maintain car fog lights is very important during driving to improve driving safety. There are many skills in using lights. Many car owners use them inappropriately, which not only affects the safety of others, but is also detrimental to themselves. Jin Ruijie Lingke gave Your warm reminder below.

How much do you know about the use and maintenance of car fog lights? 1

What are car fog lights? Car fog lights are generally installed on the front and rear of the car to illuminate the road and provide safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. The visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants is improved, making it easier for surrounding traffic participants to spot each other. Front fog lights are set on the front bumper, slightly lower than the headlights. Front fog lights are generally yellow, because yellow light has strong penetrating power, which can improve the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants. Enable oncoming cars and pedestrians to spot each other from a distance.

How much do you know about the use and maintenance of car fog lights? 2

Front fog light graphic style: on the left are three diagonal lines, crossed by a curved line, and on the right is a semi-oval. Rear fog light Rear fog light refers to a red light with greater luminous intensity than the tail light that is installed at the rear of the vehicle in order to make it easier for other road traffic participants behind the vehicle to detect it in an environment with low visibility such as fog, snow, rain or dust. signal light. The logo of the rear fog light is slightly different from that of the front fog light. The light line of the front fog light logo is downward, while the rear fog light is parallel. It is usually located on the instrument console in the car. Rear fog light graphic style: on the left is a semi-elliptical graphic, on the right are three horizontal lines, crossed by a curved line. Fog light switch design Since the fog light switch is generally divided into three gears, the 0 gear is off, the first gear controls the front fog lamp, and the second gear controls the rear fog lamp. The front fog lights work when the first gear is turned on, and the front and rear fog lights work together when the second gear is turned on.

How much do you know about the use and maintenance of car fog lights? 3

When to use car fog lights? When driving in harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow and heavy rain, or driving in a smoke-filled environment, front fog lights must be used to illuminate the road ahead and ensure driving safety. In foggy weather, front and rear fog lights are usually used together. When driving without fog in the city at night, do not use fog lights. The front fog lights do not have sunshades, which will make the vehicle lights dazzling and affect driving safety. Some drivers not only use the front fog lights, but also turn on the rear fog lights at the same time. Because the power of the rear fog light bulbs is relatively large, it will create dazzling light for the drivers behind, which can easily cause eye fatigue and affect driving safety.

How much do you know about the use and maintenance of car fog lights? 4

Replacement and maintenance of fog lamps Whether it is a front fog lamp or a rear fog lamp, as long as it does not light up, it means that the bulb has been burned out and must be replaced. But if it is not completely broken, but the brightness is reduced, and the light is red and dim, you cannot take it lightly, because this may be a precursor to failure, and the reduced lighting capability is also a major hidden danger for safe driving. Reasons for low brightness of fog lamps: 1. The most common reason is that there is dirt accumulated on the diffused glass or reflector of the lamp. At this time, all you need to do is to use flannel or lens paper to clean the dirt. 2. Another reason is that the charging capacity of the battery decreases and the brightness is insufficient due to insufficient power. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced with a new one. 3. There is another possibility that the circuit is aging or the wire is too thin, causing the resistance to increase and affecting the power supply. This situation not only affects the work of the light bulb, but may even cause the circuit to overheat and cause a fire. For the safety of yourself and your family, regular maintenance can play a vital role in safe driving. Lynk & Co 02 fog lights have suitable brightness, high configuration, high safety factor, easy operation and use, and play an important role in safety assurance.

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