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How to turn on the front and rear fog light signs, and the difference on the dashboard

On the left side of the front fog lamp are three diagonal lines, crossed by a curved line, and on the right side is a semi-elliptical shape; on the left side of the rear fog lamp are a semi-elliptical shape, on the right side are three horizontal lines, crossed by a curved line Pass.

When the fog lights are turned on, the green light of the front fog lights faces left and the yellow light of the rear fog lights faces right.

How to turn on the front and rear fog light signs, and the difference on the dashboard 1

Fog lights generally refer to car fog lights. Car fog lights are installed on the front and rear of the car and are used to illuminate the road and provide safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Improved visibility for the driver and surrounding traffic participants.

In addition to the front high beam, low beam, headlights, small lights, the driving lights, brake lights at the back, and a set of anti-fog lights in an inconspicuous place behind the car. Vehicle rear fog lights refer to red signal lights with greater luminous intensity than the tail lights installed at the rear of the vehicle in order to make it easier for other road traffic participants behind the vehicle to spot the vehicle in low-visibility environments such as fog, rain or dust.

It is installed on the front of the car slightly lower than the headlight and is used to illuminate the road when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Because visibility is low in foggy weather, the driver's line of sight is limited. Lights can increase the running distance, especially yellow anti-fog lights, which have strong light penetration. They can improve the visibility of drivers and surrounding traffic participants, allowing oncoming vehicles and pedestrians to spot each other at a greater distance.

Article 81 of the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates: When visibility is less than 200 meters in rainy and foggy days, motor vehicles should turn on their fog lights. Vehicles with fog lights turned on are indeed a great disturbance to the vision of other drivers, especially vehicles with rear fog lights turned on.

Fog lights can become very glaring in an environment with good visibility. The glare of fog lights can cause interference or even damage to the eyes of other drivers, which can lead to car accidents. Therefore, traffic regulations in many countries clearly stipulate that vehicles are prohibited from turning on fog lights when visibility is good.

After turning on the width lights, you can turn on the fog lights. Among them, the front fog lights can be turned on independently; the rear fog lights can only be turned on at the same time as the front fog lights and cannot be turned on independently. There are two main styles of fog light switches, push-button type and knob type. Different car manufacturers will have their own methods of turning on fog lights.

The above is an explanation of how to turn on the front and rear fog light symbols and the differences on the dashboard for everyone to understand.

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