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Rear fog light activation method

Many people turn on the double flash in foggy or rainy days. This actually has many disadvantages. The recognition is not very obvious when changing direction from left to right. It is recommended to turn on the fog lights in foggy days.

The following is an example of BYD Tang explaining how to turn on fog lights:

There are mainly several settings such as automatic lights, small lights, low beam lights, all-weather lights, rear fog lights, high beam lights, overtaking lights, etc. You can check the manual when needed. After the settings are successful, the dashboard will have corresponding displays. , generally used under normal circumstances, it can be directly set to automatic light.

Rear fog light activation method 1

Rear fog light activation method 2

Rear fog light activation method 3

For normal use, just turn on the automatic lights.

I turned on my fog lights in foggy weather today. The correct way to turn them on is:

The first knob switches the automatic lights to low beam, the second knob switches off to the all-weather light setting, and then switches to the rear fog light button.

Rear fog light activation method 4

Rear fog light activation method 5

After successful setting, the dashboard will display as follows:

Rear fog light activation method 6

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