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The degenerate "fog lights" are really not as useful as double flashes on rainy days?

The degenerate fog lights are really not as useful as double flashes on rainy days? 1

All problems can be solved with double flashes. I am afraid this is the thinking of many people when driving.

Turn on double flashes in foggy weather, turn on double flashes in rainy days, and also turn on double flashes on snow. I just want to ask, how many people know how to turn on fog lights? There are still a few people who can clearly recognize the sign that the front and rear fog lights are on. Everything learned in subjects one and four must have been thrown into the textbooks.

In fact, this is the case. I was driving at high speed two days ago and it rained moderately. Almost all the cars on the road turned on their double flashers in unison. The rain was not too heavy, but they turned on their double flashers surprisingly unanimously.

The degenerate fog lights are really not as useful as double flashes on rainy days? 2

It is a wrong behavior to drive the double flasher indiscriminately. Many people use the double flasher to "follow the trend". If the car in front is driving, I will also drive it. Anyway, it is not wrong to open the double flasher.

Turning on double flashers can indeed warn the vehicle behind, but it also increases many hidden dangers. Driving with double flashers is only allowed under extreme circumstances. Regulations stipulate that double flashers should be turned on when the visibility is less than 100 meters. If there is a problem with the same vehicle, Turn on the double flashers to warn vehicles coming from behind.

At a glance on a rainy day, the entire highway is full of double flashers. The biggest problem is, how to warn the cars behind when changing lanes?

The degenerate fog lights are really not as useful as double flashes on rainy days? 3

Fog lights are aggrieved. It is obviously more appropriate to turn on fog lights, but how many people can't even turn on fog lights? If there is a problem, it is directly the double flash. Is it because the location of the double flash is too good and easy to find? Rear fog lights, which are mandatory equipment by law, can actually cope with most weather conditions.

Fog lights with stronger penetrating power can effectively warn cars coming from behind, and turning on the fog lights does not affect turning on the turn signal, which is actually safer.

But many people don't even know how to turn on fog lights, and they probably don't know what the fog lights are marked on the dashboard. In the final analysis, science popularization has not been done well. More people do not know how to deal with road problems correctly, and it is even more impossible to solve the problems.

In fact, in general, there is no need to turn on the double flashers during moderate rain. Turning on the fog lights is actually more effective.

The degenerate fog lights are really not as useful as double flashes on rainy days? 4

Fog lights are compulsory equipment when entering the car, and every car must be equipped with it. So there is no such thing as "my car doesn't have fog lights". Anyone who says that doesn't know how to use fog lights.

Generally speaking, turning on double flashers when encountering a situation may solve the problem, but in fact there are many accidents and collisions caused by the misuse of double flashers. After double flashes, the rear cannot identify whether it is necessary to change lanes, but it will cause accident risks.

It can be seen that science education has a long way to go.

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