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The difference between fog lights and low beam lights

The difference between fog lights and low beam lights 1

The difference between fog lamps and dipped beams is mainly reflected in the illumination angle, brightness, light source penetration, etc. In these aspects, fog lamps are stronger than dipped beams. When the visibility is less than 200m, the fog lights and low beam lights should be turned on together.

Although fog lamps have strong penetrating power and can penetrate dense fog in foggy weather, allowing people to see the road ahead clearly, fog lamps can only be used in foggy weather, and their power is higher than that of nearby fog lamps. The headlights are much higher, and their illumination angle, brightness, and penetration are much higher than those of low beams. They can play a very good role in foggy weather, but because their penetrating power is too strong, they are more dazzling. If you use fog lights in normal weather, it will cause great interference to the driver of the car in front and behind you, and it is easy to cause an accident.

Low-beam headlights can illuminate a certain distance in front of the car, with relatively low power and an illumination angle lower than the horizontal line. Using low beam headlights while driving will have little impact and interference on other vehicles. However, if it is foggy weather, the low-beam headlights with weak penetrating power will not work, making it difficult for the driver to distinguish clearly. At this time, low-beam headlights need to be used to make up for the defect of being unable to penetrate heavy rain and dense fog.

According to Article 58 of the "Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", the following provisions are made on the use of fog lights: "Motor vehicles have no street lights at night, poor lighting, or encounter fog, rain, snow, sand, hail, etc. When driving under poor visibility conditions, headlights, side lights and rear position lights should be turned on. However, when a vehicle behind and driving in the same direction is driving at a close distance from the vehicle in front, high beams should not be used. When a motor vehicle is driving in foggy weather, the fog lights should be turned on. and hazard warning flashers.

The difference between fog lights and low beam lights 2

1. When visibility is between 200m and 500m, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 80kmh, and a driving distance of more than 150m must be maintained with the vehicle in front of you in the same lane;

2. When the visibility is 100-200m, fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 60kmh, and a distance of more than 100m from the vehicle in front must be maintained;

3. When the visibility is 50-100m, the fog lights, low beam lights, width lights and tail lights must be turned on, the speed must not exceed 40kmh, and the distance from the vehicle in front must be more than 50m.

4. When visibility is less than 50m, the public security traffic control department will take traffic control measures to close part or all of the highway in accordance with regulations.

Therefore, the fog lights can only be turned on when the visibility is lower than 200m. However, two conditions need to be met. First, when the visibility is greater than 200m, the headlights, width lights, and taillights can already provide sufficient lighting and warning effects; second, the fog at this time can soften the fog lights and make the visibility poor. , Fog lights are needed as supplementary lighting.

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