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The function and usage of fog lights

The function and usage of fog lights 1

The function and usage of fog lights

Fog lights, as the name suggests, are light signals used in rainy and foggy weather. Its main feature is its strong penetration in fog. In weather with low visibility, it is easy for vehicles or pedestrians to notice it early, thereby effectively preventing accidents.

Fog lights are roughly divided into three styles: knob type, button type, and lever type.

1. Fog lights are installed on the front and rear of the car. They are used to illuminate the road and remind the front and rear cars to keep a distance when driving in rainy and foggy weather. "When driving in foggy weather, the first choice is to turn on fog lights." The visual visibility of vehicle headlights is generally only within 30 to 50 meters, while the visual visibility of fog lights reaches about 100 meters. "If the fog is too thick and visibility is too low, you need to use double flashes to make it easier for other vehicles to spot you."

The function and usage of fog lights 2

2. Never turn on the high beam when driving in foggy weather! Many car owners tend to make this low-level mistake, thinking that the high beam has strong penetrating power. Since the visibility is not good in foggy weather, then fog lamps should be equipped with high beam. Take some "strong medicine", but unexpectedly, the high beam will be diffusely reflected by the fog, forming a white haze in front of the car, and the driver can't see anything.

When driving from a lightly foggy road to a dense foggy road, try not to brake suddenly, but use continuous point braking. "Point braking can cause the brake lights to flash continuously, which not only avoids rear-end collisions, but also better alerts vehicles behind you."

3. Do not use fog lights when driving without fog at night, because the front fog lights do not have sunshades and the rear fog lights have high power bulbs, which will create dazzling light for the car in front and the driver following behind, which will also affect driving safety.

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