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To learn car headlight repair technology, you must first understand these

In the field of car headlight repair, car headlight repair was previously a blank topic. If there is a problem with the car headlight, the only way is to replace it! Change! Change! The emergence of car headlight repair technology has saved many car owners a lot of money! Therefore, the market prospects for car headlight repair are very optimistic! Learn to understand headlight materials! To learn car headlight repair technology, you must first understand these

1. If you want to learn how to repair car headlights, you must first know the material of car headlights: headlight materials generally include plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS, etc. 90% of the vehicles on the road now are made of automobiles. The lamp is made of organic glass resin material, and international big-name cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi are no exception.

To learn car headlight repair technology, you must first understand these 1

, clarify the scope of car headlight repair! The repair scope of car headlight repair technology: mainly repairs the scratches on the surface of the headlights caused by many factors during the driving of the car, or because they are often invaded by car exhaust gas, damaged by the sun's ultraviolet rays, and damaged by daily chemicals during use. Corrosion causes the surface of the car lights to become blurry, yellow, cracked, oxidized, etc.! (Note: It is necessary to ensure that the headlights do not penetrate into the inside, that there are no stains inside the headlights, that the plastic corners are intact, and that the headlights are intact)

3. Determine the degree of damage to the headlights that need to be repaired! Generally, repairable scratches cannot penetrate more than 50% of the thickness of the lamp surface. Another problem is that the appearance of the headlights is yellow, cracked, blurred, or scratched. Depend on the extent of the appearance. If the degree is large, you need to remove the headlights, operate them, and check other conditions of the headlights.

To learn car headlight repair technology, you must first understand these 2

Jinan Huangpineapple Automobile Service teaches you how to repair headlights. Jinan Huangpineapple Automobile Service not only provides automobile surface repair, but also recruits and trains automobile surface repair technical students. Our advantage: real car practice, our technicians not only have rich theory Knowledge and years of restoration experience. We not only train headlight repair technology, but also car dent repair technology, windshield repair technology, car wheel hub repair technology, etc.! Believe that Jinan Huangpineapple can help you gain skills.

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