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What does the fog light symbol look like?

What does the fog light symbol look like? 1

Fog lights are divided into front fog lights and rear fog lights. The front fog lights are generally yellow and the rear fog lights are generally red. Their common feature is that they have strong penetration, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to spot each other from a distance.

Front fog light logo style: three slashes on the left, crossed by a curved line, and a semi-oval on the right.

Rear fog light logo style: on the left is a semi-oval shape, on the right is three horizontal lines, crossed by a curved line.

The difference between the two: the light lines of the front fog light logo are downward, while the rear fog lights are parallel.

What does the fog light symbol look like? 2

How to turn on the fog light switch?

The first is more common: on the lever behind the steering wheel, you first turn the outside circle to turn on the car's lights, and then turn the inside circle to adjust the fog lights.

The other one is: above our left knee, if it is in the form of a button, some can be opened by pressing it directly; some can only be opened by turning on the wide light or headlight first. Different models are different.

There are also some special ones, such as Volkswagen cars, which use a rotary switch. You must first turn to the headlight block, and then pull the knob out to turn on the fog lights.

Just like the knob on the side of the watch is used to adjust the time, if you want to turn it off, just push it back.

When to use car fog lights?

Fog lights can only be turned on when the visibility is less than 200m, but two conditions need to be met. First, when the visibility is greater than 200m, the headlights, width lights, and tail lights can already provide sufficient lighting and warning effects; second, when the visibility is greater than 200m, the fog lights can be turned on; It is the fog at this time that can soften the fog lights, and the visibility is not good, so fog lights are needed as supplementary lighting.

Note: Fog lights cannot be used as daily lighting because fog lights are highly penetrating. They are not allowed to be turned on unless necessary, otherwise they will cause great interference to the driver's vision.

Source: Driving License Network

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