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Where are the fog lights located on the car? Which fog light is it?

When the vehicle leaves the factory, it will be equipped with a fog light function. Many car owners have never used the fog light function of the vehicle after purchasing the vehicle, and they do not know which light is the fog light. So where are the fog lights on the car?

Where are the fog lights located on the car? Which fog light is it? 1

The vehicle's front fog lights are generally equipped under the headlights, one on each side, with a yellow light, while the vehicle's rear fog lights are located at the rear of the vehicle, with a red light, with a height of 20 cm to 100 cm from the ground. between.

When using a vehicle, if the owner encounters rain or fog, or weather with low visibility, the vehicle's front fog lights need to be turned on. This can improve the owner's line of sight when driving the vehicle. If there are obstacles in front of the lane, the owner can detect them in time to avoid collision with the vehicle. Collision.

It is also necessary to turn on the vehicle's rear fog lights to remind vehicles behind the vehicle to pay attention to the following distance and control the vehicle's driving speed to avoid following the vehicle too close and causing a rear-end collision, which will affect the owner's driving safety and also affect the current situation. Traffic order on the road.

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