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Which switch is the fog light on?

Which switch is the fog light on? 1

The switch of the fog light is on the lever on the left side of the steering wheel. The logo of the fog light is a line and a light. The line of the front fog light logo is slanted and the light is pointing to the left. The line of the rear fog light logo is horizontal. It's to the right.

When traveling in foggy weather, you should turn on the fog lights, low beam lights and side lights. When the visibility on the road is less than 100 meters, you should turn on the vehicle's double flashers. Remember not to turn on the high beam, as it will affect Out of sight, the road conditions ahead cannot be well observed.

Things to know when traveling in foggy weather:

1. Choose a lane well. If it is a one-way two-lane road, it is best to drive to the outside lane. If it is a three-lane road, it is best to drive to the middle lane;

Which switch is the fog light on? 2

2. Avoid sudden braking. If you brake suddenly, the vehicle behind you will not have time to take appropriate measures and may easily cause a rear-end collision. If you want to brake, you need to tap the brake first, so as to better alert the vehicle behind you, so that you can reduce the speed in time;

3. Overtake less often. Visibility in foggy days is relatively low, less than 200 meters. It is difficult to observe the driving conditions of other lanes, and overtaking will be more dangerous;

4. The fog on the car windows needs to be cleared in time. Press the defogging button on the windshield to clear the fog.

After the fog lights are turned on, the indicator light will light up on the instrument panel, so the car owner can check the instrument panel to determine whether the fog lights are turned on. Fog lights are used in environments with low visibility, such as rainy days, snowy days and foggy days. After the fog lights are turned on, vehicles behind can promptly discover and identify the position of the vehicle ahead, making driving safer. are guaranteed.

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