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Why do most car models now cancel fog lights? Just to cut costs?

Why do most car models now cancel fog lights? Just to cut costs?

1. The national standard does not have mandatory requirements, allowing car companies to take advantage of cost loopholes.

According to the national standard GB4785-2007 "Installation Regulations for Exterior Lighting and Light Signaling Devices of Cars and Trailers", there are no mandatory requirements for front fog lights of vehicles. Only rear fog lights must be equipped, and there is no quantity requirement. As for the layout, No special requirements. Therefore, many car companies directly use front fog lamps to reduce costs. For high-volume models such as the Volkswagen Bora, they cancel the front fog lamps on low-end models and only retain them on mid-range and high-end models. So this is a real reduction.

Why do most car models now cancel fog lights? Just to cut costs? 1

2. On the basis of the stronger integrity of the front face of the car, it is also for practicality

Fog lights are generally set under the bumper, but the design language of some models does not reserve the position of fog lights at the beginning of the design in order to improve the integrity and aesthetics involved, so the fog lights are integrated into the daytime running lights or headlights. In the light set, the headlight set not only has the lighting function, but also has the fog light penetration function. Moreover, the fog light is a scattered light source. The purpose is not for lighting, but to make it easier for others to spot in bad weather, so This design is also a good one, and some models are also equipped with vents for tires and brake discs where the original fog lights are, and some are even designed as air intakes for the intercooler, also for practicality.

Why do most car models now cancel fog lights? Just to cut costs? 2

3. Integration with the headlight set is not just for practicality, but to increase the price.

The headlight sets integrated with fog lights are relatively high-end LED light sets like matrix headlights, so manufacturers can obtain greater profits through optional packages. However, the headlight sets on low-end models are not integrated with fog lights. Lights, this is also the cost reduction mentioned above, so the final losers are still consumers who buy low-end models. Fortunately, thanks to the country's promotion of ecological civilization and traffic restrictions, there are fewer and fewer smog days, and foggy days generally appear in the early morning, so by the time most people get up to go to work, most of the fog has dissipated. Therefore, the frequency of use of fog lights has also become lower, and driving safety has also improved.

Why do most car models now cancel fog lights? Just to cut costs? 3

Fog lights are just a reminder. In foggy weather, keeping a distance between vehicles and driving slowly, coupled with low beam and fog light warnings, is a relatively safe way.

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