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Why do most cars only have one fog light?

Because it's easier to attract attention

Many designs on cars are symmetrical. Symmetrical designs on cars are not only for good looks, but also for practicality, such as wipers and position lights. If there is only one of them, it will not be able to perform the required functions well. of. When the rear fog light is turned on, only one lights up. Some car owners may wonder: Is the fog light on the other side broken?

Why do most cars only have one fog light? 1

Actually it's not the fog lights that are broken. Because there are too many lights at the rear of the car, brake lights, reversing lights, turn signals, and fog lights are all installed on the left and right sides. In addition, the shapes of car lights are becoming more and more innovative, and the lights are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish. And because the brake lights and fog lights are very close to each other, if they are installed one on the left and one on the left, in foggy weather, it is easy for the car behind to wonder whether it is a fog light or emergency braking.

Why do most cars only have one fog light? 2

In addition, drivers are likely to be paralyzed by symmetrical lights, and using one light can attract more attention and serve as a warning. As for why the rear fog light is installed on the left, this is mainly because the driver of our cars is on the left, so there can be a more intuitive reminder on the left.

Source: Shandong Expressway Traffic Police

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