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Xiaoan talks about travel|How many commonly used car lights do you know?

Xiao An talks about the common car light language when traveling. How many do you know?

When it comes to car lights, many people’s first reaction is lighting. In fact, during driving, different lights also represent different languages, and they convey different messages. So how many commonly used car light languages ​​do you know? Today, Xiaoan will share with you several common car light languages, teach you to understand its meaning and avoid traffic risks.

Xiaoan talks about travel|How many commonly used car lights do you know? 1

The high beam flashes the light message: after the green light turns on, it will give a reminder to the vehicle in front when the vehicle in front is not moving. When you are at an intersection and the green light is on but the vehicle in front is not moving or the vehicle in front is moving slowly, which affects traffic, you can flash your high beam to remind the vehicle in front to move forward or give way, or to tell the vehicle in front that you are ready to overtake. The high-beam headlights flash twice at night to remind oncoming vehicles to change to low-beam headlights. When driving at night with high beams on, the light is emitted in parallel and is relatively concentrated, resulting in a greater brightness, which is particularly dazzling to vehicles on the opposite side or in front of you, thus affecting your judgment. In this case, you can flash your headlights twice before the two cars meet to remind the other party to switch lights when they meet. When visibility is poor at night, slowing down is always more beneficial to safety than turning on high beams. The high beam flashes three times to alert the vehicle ahead that there is something abnormal. While driving, if you find something abnormal with the vehicle ahead, such as the trunk is not closed properly, items are falling, or the tire pressure is obviously abnormal, you can flash the high beam three times to give a warning to the vehicle ahead. The brake light is on intermittently and says: Do not follow the car too closely. If the car behind you is following too closely, you can use the brake lights intermittently to remind the car behind you to keep a safe distance. Especially on the highway, following a car too closely can easily lead to a rear-end collision.

Xiaoan talks about travel|How many commonly used car lights do you know? 2

Car lights are not only lighting tools, but also an important link for civilized communication between drivers during driving. We must also use lights correctly and understand the light signals emitted by other cars to avoid traffic risks.

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