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The Estimated Rollover Range of Porsche's Strongest Electric Vehicle Is Lower Than Most People's Expectations

According to domestic media reports, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released the range estimation of Porsche's first electric vehicle, taycan turbo, but the estimation is lower than most people's expectations. According to the EPA, the taycan turbo (a $150900 dual motor version with 616 horsepower) can only travel about 201 miles (about 323 kilometers) if fully charged.This range is much lower than the range claimed by Porsche. Porsche said that its first electric vehicle, the taycan turbo, received 280 miles (about 450 kilometers) from European regulators earlier this year. The range announced by the EPA has shrunk by 130 kilometers compared with that in Europe.It is reported that in the starting mode, the super supercharged power of taycan turbo is 680 HP, the acceleration time of 100 km is 3.2 seconds, and the top speed can reach 260km / h. its battery adopts a square lithium battery pack with a capacity of 93kwh.

The Estimated Rollover Range of Porsche's Strongest Electric Vehicle Is Lower Than Most People's Expectations 1

Although its battery capacity is not small compared with that of similar models, it is limited by its high power and energy consumption level. As a result, the mileage data released by the EPA is only equivalent to the EPA mileage estimate of 204 miles (about 328 km) of Audi e-tron. And significantly lower than the 226 mile (about 363 km) range of the Nissan LEAF model equipped with a 62kwh battery pack version.Compared with Tesla Model s, the competitor of taycan turbo at the same level, the gap between the two is more obvious. Tesla's long-range model s has a range of 373 miles (about 600 kilometers), while the model x can reach 328 miles (about 528 kilometers).For the mileage released by the EPA, a spokesman for Porsche said it was "lower than our expectations" and "but that's the fact." meanwhile, Porsche also released the results of an independent test, which is closer to the estimated 280 miles in Europe. In addition, a Porsche spokesman said: "Porsche is an automobile manufacturer. We often pay third-party companies to test many indicators."

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