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What Is the Difference Between Huawei Mate20rs and Porsche Design

Huawei mate 20 RS porsche design adopts the design of bangs full screen full screen. The fuselage frame is very narrow and thin as a whole. Good grip brings better control. The front of the fuselage is 3D glass, and the design of positive and negative 8 surfaces not only fits the palm curve, but also is more elegant, atmospheric and full of science and technology. Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche Design adheres to the consistent design concept and luxury of Porsche Design mobile phones, and integrates a large number of super running design languages.A new product launch was held in London, UK, which officially brought us a new flagship mobile phone series. In addition to the standard version and, Huawei still joined hands with Porsche Design this time, bringing us the mate 20 RS Porsche Design. The integration of super running elements and technology has pushed the ID design of mobile phones to a new peak. So what are the differences and surprises of this year's Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche Design? And listen to Xiaobian slowly.Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche Design

What Is the Difference Between Huawei Mate20rs and Porsche Design 1

Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche Design

The back of the fuselage is designed with three equal color bands, inspired by the track style coating of Porsche limited edition super running. With the addition of leather elements on both sides, people can't help thinking of the luxury leather seats of sports cars, which not only brings extraordinary hand feel, but also looks more atmospheric. In the middle is the super hard coated Black Curved 3D glass, and the Leica three camera module is hidden under the deep glass. The back of the whole fuselage is like a Porsche 919 parked on the track, ready to go, showing the king's spirit.

Huawei mate 20 RS Porsche DesignOn the back of the small fuselage, four originals of long focus, wide-angle and ultra wide-angle flash lamps are stacked. In order to pursue photography quality, Huawei mate 20 RS adopts large-size sensors and supports auto focusing and other functions, which means that the size of each device is not small, which puts forward high requirements for industrial design, stacking architecture and technical implementation.In addition to the enthusiastic red version, there is also a low-key black version. The combination of black leather back shell and curved glass makes it deeper and more introverted. It is the best choice for business elites. Porsche "four eye lights" are first used in top Porsche models, such as 919, Panamera turbo and 911 Turbo. Heinz redrich, a designer from the Porsche Design Studio Team in Weissach R & D center, said, "every Porsche needs an iconic appearance, and the four-point appearance is our brand logo. It can make people recognize it at a glance".

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