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Audi Customized Android Auto Will Be the First to Experience Better and Higher End in Audi Q8

Google's Android auto system provides users with a new way to build a bridge between our smartphone and on-board infotainment system, and meets the real needs of drivers during driving. When we switch from the familiar smart phone navigation to the car central control screen, the operability is always not very good. At the same time, it is also possible to send the navigation prompt sound to the car speaker through Bluetooth connection, which will affect the navigation effect. Now, if we want to combine the two into one, we need a better and more secure way.Therefore, Android auto integrates smartphones and cars into everything through USB connection, turning the car infotainment system, which was not a good experience, into the same high-end experience as smartphones.However, even such a method seems to be only an expedient. Fortunately, due to the open source characteristics of the Android system itself and the efforts of automobile manufacturers, the on-board Android auto system has begun to enter the next stage of development.

Audi Customized Android Auto Will Be the First to Experience Better and Higher End in Audi Q8 1

At the just concluded Google I / O global developer conference, Google said that Android auto would transform to "localization", and the manufacturers currently supporting this plan include Volvo and Audi. This idea is mainly to break the shackles of smart phones, and there is no need for smart phones to act as the control center of on-board systems. On the contrary, Android will be a powerful tool to control the car directly from the dashboard. Although we are familiar with the core operation mode of Android auto, specific modifications will be made for the operation experience of the car platform. Now, Android auto has begun to be customized.

At the I / O conference, I was lucky to experience an Audi car as a demonstration car and understand the next development trend of Android auto. We are very familiar with this car. It is the Q8 concept car unveiled at the Geneva auto show. But this time sitting in the cockpit, I experienced a new feeling, because the three screens, including the instrument panel and the central control screen, all display the same Android auto style.

In the conventional infotainment area, we saw Audi's modification of Android auto through the large screen. At the same time, on another touch screen, you will see various functional touch buttons and dials related to the bottom control of the car. The best place is that the interface and information synchronized with the system can be displayed on the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. At present, few manufacturers can make the Android auto system achieve this degree of synchronization. At the same time, they don't have to constantly shift their eyes back and forth on smartphones and roads by navigating through Google maps.

In Audi's own iterative development of Android auto system, the supported applications are basically the same in terms of functions, and have been properly adjusted for the vehicle. For example, on the same button panel, you can display whether all current operations are normal through the "car status" button. From a deeper level, the design of each application is in line with the style of Audi's customized Android auto system, which is not only suitable for the screens of different parts, but also in line with Audi's own design style.However, including Audi, a problem faced in the development of this Android auto is that if developers can customize applications, Google's car system will also face the same multi version problem. Including the mobile phone version, the USB connection version of Android auto and the customized version of automobile manufacturers, but all platforms can use the applications developed by automobile manufacturers and bring a seamless integration experience. This experience is not only visual, but also the key to potential development.As a loyal user of Android auto (of course, the previous USB connection), I find that any platform that wants to make the car more intelligent is an incredible progress. Moreover, automobile manufacturers enter the Android development field in a very similar way to smartphone manufacturers, which means that the diversification of Android system is rising. This is an exciting moment, not only because it will affect our transportation mode, but also improve our driving experience.

Audi Customized Android Auto Will Be the First to Experience Better and Higher End in Audi Q8 2

At present, only Audi and Volvo support the customization of Android auto system. However, we should expect that more manufacturers will join the customization team of on-board Android auto system in the future. Although the time can not be predicted, it is a kind of progress.

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