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Can you use car lights to call for help? Common light language meanings

Can you use car lights to call for help? Common light language meanings 1

Lantern language is a communication tool that uses the intermittent lightening and darkening to make signals of different lengths to convey information. Car owners who drive frequently know that even though the headlights may seem inconspicuous, the use of headlights is extremely important when driving. Here are some light languages to introduce to you. Although many people can drive, not every driver necessarily knows the meaning of the light languages. Improper use of car lights during driving can also cause great dangers. In actual driving, Car owners still need to learn more and pay more attention to safety during the process.

What are the commonly used lantern languages?

1. The headlights flash: prompt the vehicle ahead to give way to the lane

When waiting for a car at an intersection, when the light turns green, sometimes you will encounter a situation where the car in front is motionless. Maybe he was a newbie, nervous and slow to start. Maybe the driver in front of him didn't pay attention to the change of the indicator light and was distracted when waiting for the red light.

Can you use car lights to call for help? Common light language meanings 2

When encountering this situation, honking the horn wildly is obviously not appropriate. We can use flashing headlights instead of honking the horn rudely. Flashing the headlights once will usually make the car in front aware of the situation. If there is still no movement, flash the headlights again. Do not flash the headlights continuously. This is disrespectful to people and can easily cause the driver of the car in front to become rebellious.

It can also be used when the car in front is distracted or unfamiliar with the road conditions and slows down, blocking the way for the car behind to continue moving forward. At this time, the driver of the vehicle behind can flash the headlights to remind the driver of the vehicle in front to give way.

2. The headlights flash twice: expressing dissatisfaction

If you encounter strong light, it is very likely that the other party forgot to turn off the high beam. Drivers can flash their headlights twice at a long distance before the meeting to remind the other party to switch lights when meeting. If the other party is indifferent, the rider can show dissatisfaction by turning on the double-bounce lights and tell the other party, "You are flashing me, please switch to low beam."

3. The headlights flash three times: remind the vehicle in front to check

If we find that the door of the car in front is not closed properly, the taillight is burned out, the tire is flat, etc., we can flash the headlights of the car in front three times to remind the car in front to stop and check the vehicle.

When the vehicle is driving, it is difficult for people inside the vehicle to detect some conditions outside the vehicle body. For example, there are abnormalities in the trunk or door, insufficient tire pressure, etc. A breakdown may occur at any time while driving like this, and may even affect other vehicles nearby, so a kind reminder is still necessary.

4. Continuous flashing headlights: reject the merge request of the vehicle next to you or remind pedestrians or non-motor vehicles that they are in a motor vehicle lane

When a vehicle changes lanes, if the two parties do not reach an invisible agreement, a collision or rear-end collision may easily occur. At this time, the vehicle changing lanes is often in front of the left or right side of the car, so flashing the headlights is the most direct way to tell the other party whether you agree to the lane change.

Pedestrians or non-motorized vehicles crossing the road at will will cause safety hazards to driving. If we encounter the above situation, we should slow down and continuously flash our headlights to alert pedestrians or non-motor vehicle drivers.

5. Turn on the brake lights in stages: dont follow the car too closely

When driving on the highway, maintaining an appropriate safe distance is an effective way to avoid accidents. However, sometimes some people like to follow cars at high speeds and keep a relatively close distance. In this case, the driver of the car in front will definitely disperse. Use part of your energy to "pay attention" to the car behind you, and you will inevitably have to worry about whether the car behind you will hit you because you didn't brake in time. At this time, the car in front must find a way to give a warning to the car behind, telling the car behind not to follow it closely. At this time, the brake light must be used.

When driving on the highway, the brake lights are used in another way. When the car behind is too close to your own car, the driver of the car in front can lightly apply the brakes to remind the car behind "You are too close to me, you should stay away." ."

6. When meeting another car, remind the other vehicle to switch from high beam to low beam: flash the high beam twice.

When driving at night, most people choose to drive with high beams on in order to see farther. However, when meeting another car, the high-beam headlights shine directly into the eyes of the oncoming driver, which may even cause temporary blindness. So as for the next consequences, please figure it out by yourself. Therefore, if the vehicle in the opposite lane does not switch to low beam in time, please use the light language to prompt immediately.

7. A whistle and a high beam: Im in a hurry, please give way.

As the saying goes, "People have three emergencies." When driving, conveying the information that you are "in an emergency" in a timely manner will protect yourself and surrounding vehicles. For other vehicles, it is for the sake of their own safety to be merciful and to give way reasonably.

8. Three high beam flashes and double flashes: emergency help

As the saying goes, "A distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor." When driving, you must learn to use lights to call for help. The advantage is that it is easy to operate and has a wide delivery range. At least, there is no need to paint a big "SOS" with paint.

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