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Do you know about car lights?

Car lights are one of the most important parts of a car, known as the "eyes" of the car. It is both an important appearance part and an important safety part.

What are the classifications and uses of car lights?

Do you know about car lights? 1

  • High beam: Illuminating the road long distance ahead of the vehicle
  • Low-beam headlights: illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle without causing dazzling or discomfort to oncoming vehicles and other road users.
  • Turn signal: Used to indicate to other road users that the vehicle is about to turn to the right or left
  • Brake lights: Indicate to other road users behind the vehicle that the vehicle is braking
  • License plate light: used for vehicle rear license plate space device
  • Front position lights: viewed from the front of the vehicle, indicating the presence and width of the vehicle
  • Rear position lights: Viewed from the rear of the vehicle, indicating the presence and width of the vehicle
  • Retroreflector: A device that uses reflected light from an external light source to indicate the presence of a vehicle to an observer located near the light source.
  • Front fog lamp: A device used to improve road lighting in fog, snow, rain or dust conditions
  • Rear fog lamp: A lamp that makes the vehicle more visible when viewed from behind the vehicle in heavy fog.
  • Reversing lights: Lights that illuminate the road behind a vehicle and warn other road users that the vehicle is reversing or is about to reverse.
  • Position indicator light: A lamp installed on the outermost edge of the vehicle or near the highest roof to indicate the width of the vehicle.
  • Side marker lamp: A lamp that indicates the presence of the vehicle when viewed from the side of the vehicle

What materials are car lights made of?

a) Thermoplastics:

ABS/ABS+PC: generally used for tail light bodies, interior light bodies, painted decorative parts, and accessory cover parts;

A acrylonitrile: hardness and heat resistance; B butadiene: impact resistance; S styrene: formability and fluidity;

In addition to the advantages of tensile strength and impact strength, ABS plastic also has good rigidity and dimensional stability.

ABS can usually be molded at temperatures above 160°C, and has good thermal stability during the molding process;

PMMA: usually used for injection molding of light distribution mirrors for signal lights, commonly known as plexiglass, has good light transmittance and a certain degree of water absorption. It should be dried at 85°C±15°C for 4h-6h before injection molding;

PP: Usually used for injection molding of lamp housings, it is light, cheap, non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has high mechanical strength; it has low water absorption, but high molding shrinkage (1%-2%);

PC: Usually used for headlight lampshades, with high light transmittance, excellent impact toughness, high heat resistance, good dimensional stability, and small molding shrinkage. Preparatory drying treatment at 120°C for more than 6 hours is required before molding;

b) Thermosetting plastics:

BMC: Thermal deformation temperature is 200~280℃, with high density and good temperature resistance. Due to its high surface finish, it is generally used in optical parts, such as headlight far and near beam reflectors;

What are the sources of car lights?

Halogen lamp

Halogen lamps are actually a special type of incandescent lamps. The principle is that when current passes through a resistor, it will generate heat. When the temperature is high enough, it will emit blackbody radiation with a wavelength in the visible light band.

Do you know about car lights? 2

Xenon lights

Xenon lamp HID is the English abbreviation of High intensity Discharge high pressure gas discharge lamp, which can be called heavy metal lamp or xenon lamp. Its principle is to fill a UV-cut anti-UV crystal quartz glass tube with a variety of chemical gases, most of which are inert gases such as xenon (Xenon) and iodide, and then pass the supercharger (Ballast) to the vehicle. The DC voltage of 12 volts is instantly boosted to a current of 23,000 volts. The high-voltage amplitude excites the xenon electrons in the quartz tube to dissociate, and a light source is generated between the two electrodes. This is the so-called gas discharge. The white super strong arc light produced by xenon can increase the color temperature of the light, similar to the sunlight during the day. The current required for HID operation is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of traditional halogen bulbs, and the service life is longer than that of traditional halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are 10 times longer. Xenon lamps have been widely used in the field of automotive lighting.

Do you know about car lights? 3

LED light

Light Emitting Diode, referred to as LED, the Chinese name is light-emitting diode. In terms of the development status and trends of LED car lighting technology, China's LED high-mounted brake lights have become more popular, prices have steadily dropped, LED rear brake lights, turn signals and fog lights have begun to be commercialized, and LED automotive lighting has become more personalized and artistic. At the same time, LED intelligent control systems are developing rapidly. At present, the key research direction of LED automotive lighting is white LED headlights, and the combination of LED lights and AFS (adaptive light control system). Among them, the research on high-efficiency, high-power, high-reliability LED components, car lights and Special heat dissipation technology and optical design are key.

Do you know about car lights? 4

Reflective LED headlights

Do you know about car lights? 5

Lens-type LED headlights

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