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Do you know how to use fog lights correctly? Come and get it2

Do you know how to use fog lights correctly? Come and get it2 1

I believe that many car owners will encounter foggy or hazy weather when driving. Compared with strong winds, heavy rain, snow, etc., it has a certain risk factor, because driving in this kind of weather is almost impossible to see. There are many accidents caused by unclear roads and poor visibility caused by haze. At this time, it is necessary to give full play to the role of fog lights. Today, the editor will teach you the correct use of fog lights. Come and get it!

What is the difference between fog lights and low beam lights?

Why cant fog lights be used as daily lighting? The difference between fog lamps and dipped beams lies in the illumination angle, brightness, light source penetration, etc. In these aspects, fog lamps are stronger than dipped beams. The function of the low beam is to illuminate a certain distance in front of the car. Its illumination angle is lower than the horizontal line, and the power of the bulb is not large, so it will not cause interference to the drivers of other vehicles.

However, in foggy days, the low-beam headlights with very weak penetrating power are very difficult. At this time, fog lights must be relied on to make up for the shortcomings of low-beam headlights that cannot penetrate heavy rain and dense fog. Therefore, fog lights can only be used as emergency lighting tools in severe weather conditions and cannot be used as daily lighting.

Do you know how to use fog lights correctly? Come and get it2 2

When to use fog lights?

Therefore, when encountering bad weather such as fog, storm, or rain on the road, when visibility is poor and the taillights of the car in front are a bit blurry, you must turn on the fog lights. However, there is a big misunderstanding here. Many drivers think that double flashing is the It is a universal misconception that fog lights are useless. In this kind of bad weather, you should first turn on the fog lights, and then turn on the double flash according to the situation. The penetrating ability of the fog light is much stronger than the double flash. The double flash is a yellow light that emits yellow light, while the fog light is a red light that emits red light. The wavelength of light is longer than yellow light and has better penetrating power.

How to use fog lights correctly?

Most fog lights are basically on the lever under the steering wheel. As long as there is a fog light icon on the lever, no matter what model it is.

Front fog lights

The front fog lamp is set on the front bumper, slightly lower than the headlight. The front fog lamp is generally yellow, because the yellow light has strong penetrating power, which can improve the visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants, making it easier for oncoming vehicles to and pedestrians spotted each other at a distance.

Front fog light graphic style: three slashes on the left, crossed by a curved line, and a semi-oval on the right.

Rear fog lamps

Rear fog light refers to a red signal light with greater luminous intensity than the tail light that is installed at the rear of the vehicle in order to make it easier for other road traffic participants behind the vehicle to detect it in low visibility environments such as fog, snow, rain or dust.

The logo of the rear fog light is slightly different from that of the front fog light. The light line of the front fog light logo is downward, while the rear fog light is parallel. It is usually located on the instrument console in the car. Rear fog light graphic style: on the left is a semi-elliptical graphic, on the right are three horizontal lines, crossed by a curved line.

Of course, you must turn on the small lights before turning on the fog lights. If the small lights are turned off, the fog lights cannot be turned on. The fog light icon lights up to indicate that the fog lights are on. The fog light icon will also be displayed on the car dashboard when it is on, so you You can check more often and look at the instrument panel before driving.

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