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Do you know the reason why your car lights fog up?2

When there is a temperature difference between morning and evening or when it rains, especially when the weather is cold, the inside of the car lights will slowly fog up. Do you know why?

01The principle of fogging of car lights

On rainy days or when the air humidity is high, water vapor molecules enter the interior of the car lights through the ventilation holes (the ventilation holes are mainly used to dissipate heat and remove moisture). When the car is driving or the lights are turned on, the water molecules in the lamps are heated and become Water vapor, water vapor floats around and is emitted through the ventilation holes. However, when the humidity is high and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car light is large, the water vapor has no time to discharge from the lamp cavity. When it is cold, it returns to water molecules, and the water molecules are concentrated in the lampshade. Where the internal temperature is low, lampshade fog forms after cooling.

02Several common fogging phenomena

Do you know the reason why your car lights fog up?2 1

Haze: A thin layer of opaque water vapor that forms on the inner wall of a lamp mask;

Condensation: water vapor condenses on the inner wall of the lamp cover to form water droplets or water droplets;

Frost: Icing occurs when the temperature drops below zero in the state of mist and condensation.

03 Tips for removing fog

When the vehicle is driving in rainy weather or when the weather is cold and the temperature difference is large, the inside of the lampshade will temporarily fog up. Just like the windshield will fog up on rainy days, this fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lampshade. Therefore, the fogging phenomenon is a normal physical phenomenon and not a malfunction. When fog forms, please turn on all functions of the car lights (including signal lights) and wait for a while. The fog will gradually disappear!

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