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Full LED headlights with dynamic stance1

Hongqi HS5 is Hongqi's first luxury B-class SUV built for the new backbone of society who demonstrate their taste with quality, take their time and forge ahead. The whole car is full of charm and has many highlights. The shape adopts the design language of the new red flag, with mountains and waterfalls, mainstays, dreams spreading wings, and flags flying, showing oriental magnanimity through design. Simple and tense lines, full LED headlights, and a dynamic stance. The exquisite and luxurious interior is equipped with Bose audio, first-class sleep headrests, and intelligent clean cabin, demonstrating luxurious quality. The 2870mm wheelbase, which exceeds its class, brings comfortable space enjoyment. The golden combination of 2.0T engine + Aisin 6AT gearbox has stable performance, economy and fuel saving, and surging power. Intelligent four-wheel drive system with five driving modes to choose from. The ground clearance of 200mm brings smooth travelability. Hongqi Zhilian, L2.5 level autonomous driving and high-rigidity safety body fully embody the aim of providing users with intelligent driving safety and human-computer interaction companion intelligent experience.

Full LED headlights with dynamic stance1 1

Provide users with a highly recognizable sense of Hongqi's exclusive ritual, ensuring an exclusive and respectful experience for Hongqi car owners. Every time the user approaches the car, they will feel happy and have a good interaction with the user. When the driver approaches the car, the car's sense of ritual gives the user a unique sense of ceremony. It feels like an arrow is being strung up. The "Red Flag Wings" exclusive light blanket, with interlaced longitude and latitude light blanket design, creates a starting effect like an eagle spreading its wings. The eagle strikes the sky and leads the trend. The length of the light blanket is 1.2m. The size of the benefits is designed to please oneself without being overdone. Yu Zhangyang cooperates with the sense of lighting ritual to perfectly reflect the "momentum building" effect, making every start-up full of interaction and full activation, giving users great psychological satisfaction. Luxurious BOSE audio The system, 12-speaker BOSE audio system, creates a super-luxurious and palace-level entertainment space. The world-renowned BOSE company has customized the 12-speaker CenterPoint® for Hongqi HS5. Surround sound system, 13 high-performance speakers are precisely placed at ideal locations in the cabin to provide drivers and passengers with an excellent listening experience.

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Customized seats made of Nappa leather + Alcantara material, exquisite diamond stitching design, excellent wrapping and feather-light seat touch. 12-way electric seat adjustment includes the entire seat, front and rear, up and down adjustment, cushion inclination adjustment, backrest/lumbar adjustment Support/headrest front and rear adjustable seats are equipped with heating, ventilation, and steering wheel heating functions to provide a more comfortable driving environment. Exclusive LED matrix headlights

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