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How much do you know about car light modification?

I believe that many friends have complained that the lights of their cars are not powerful, especially when driving at high speed at night. The original headlights of many models cannot meet the needs of vision. Therefore, modifying car lights has become the first request of many friends. How much do you know about car light modifications and future annual inspections?

How much do you know about car light modification? 1

Let’s first talk about the annual inspection issue that people are most concerned about. Among the relevant laws and regulations on annual inspections, one example about lights mentions the intensity of vehicle lights and whether they can work normally, but does not mention the upper limit of light intensity. In other words, as long as it does not affect the driving safety of others, vehicle light modifications only need to meet the minimum intensity requirements. It should be noted that after modifying xenon lamps or LED lamps, it is recommended to install the lens correctly at the same time to ensure the safety of others and your own lighting effect, and to successfully pass the annual inspection.

How much do you know about car light modification? 2

Let’s talk about some small doorways in the car light modification industry. Generally speaking, although most original halogen headlights are not bright enough, their penetrating ability is the strongest in foggy weather, which is incomparable to xenon lamps and LED headlights. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners who live in areas with frequent foggy weather can try to replace more powerful halogen bulbs to improve the lighting effect, which can improve the lighting effect while retaining strong penetration, killing two birds with one stone.

How much do you know about car light modification? 3

Finally, the editor also wants to remind all car lovers that when modifying xenon headlights and LED headlights, remember to install lenses, and install them in a modification shop with formal relevant qualifications. Be careful when it comes to circuits to avoid damaging the system. It will bring hidden dangers to driving safety in the future. I hope my answer can help everyone.

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