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How to properly adjust the height of headlights1

How to properly adjust the height of headlights1 1

The oncoming vehicle's low beam headlights are too high, affecting my line of sight. Will my headlights have such an impact on others? This seriously affects my safety! The editor tells you: The load on the car will change the vertical alignment of the headlight beam. We should adjust the height of the headlights according to reasonable circumstances and be responsible for the driving safety of ourselves and others.

Why do you need to adjust the headlight height?

Because the car is not stationary, when there are people sitting in the front and rear seats or heavy items are placed in the trunk, the car will be in a non-horizontal position due to changes in the suspension stroke. The relative position of the headlight illumination height and the car body will change. This requires appropriately adjusting the headlight height to achieve driving safety when the vehicle changes body level, especially at night. Jiaji headlight height adjustment switch can adjust the irradiation height of the front combination lights

There are four positions "0", "1", "2" and "3". The headlight height adjustment knob is located on the lower left side of the steering wheel.

How to properly adjust the height of headlights1 2

The height of the headlight illumination can be adjusted through this knob. The lower the corresponding number on the knob, the higher the illumination height. "0" means the highest light position, and "3" means the lowest light position. Please set the knob position according to the load status: 0: The car only has the driver.

1: The car only has the driver and front passenger.

2: The car is full and the suitcase is full.

3: The car only has the driver and the trunk is fully loaded.

Note: When adjusting the height of the front combination lights, do not dazzle oncoming road users.

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