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How to upgrade car headlights quick look1

How to upgrade car headlights quick look1 1

First of all, headlights are indispensable for every car. They are not only the eyes of a car, but also the guarantee of driving safety at night. From the day when the lamp modification industry first emerged, from the simple pursuit of coolness with individuality, It has gradually focused on safety, and now combines the personality of car owners while maximizing the safety of car lighting for car owners. Why upgrade your car lights? The car lights are not bright enough. The original car uses halogen lights, and most of them have less than 1,000 lumens. The car lights are dim, have a short illumination range, are narrow in width, have low visibility, and have a short service life.

When the lighting effect cannot reach safe driving, it is necessary for us to reasonably upgrade the car lights. Hella lenses, LED lenses, and laser lenses that are common on the market are designed to deal with dim car headlights.

How to upgrade car headlights quick look1 2

When driving, people's nerves need to remain highly tense at all times, and at dusk and dawn, the human eye's ability to recognize colors and objects is the weakest time of the day. If you are exposed to the yellowish light of halogen lamps for a long time, your eyes will easily tire. As for the color temperature of high-quality headlights, its actual visual effect is equivalent to that of daylight, which restores the driving experience of daytime drivers to the greatest extent. It is easily accepted by the human eye, thus keeping the energy focused at all times and ensuring driving safety! In order to achieve reasonable requirements for car lighting and fundamentally solve the problem of car night lighting

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