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ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1

The ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger, especially the vertical height is significantly increased, making the front of the car look thicker. An LED light strip connects the light groups on both sides, and the Volkswagen logo in the middle can be lit, giving a more prominent sense of technology. As a medium-to-large SUV, the ID.6 CROZZ is equipped with two specifications of 20/21-inch wheels. Compared with the ID.4's bright and elegant wheels, it is more stable and stylish. The entire car is decorated in large areas of black, including the side wheel eyebrows, the edging on the lower edges of the doors, and the rear bumper. Some details are equipped with bright decorative strips, giving it a hint of a crossover look that is both rugged and refined. In terms of appearance, ID.6 CROZZ still continues the design of the Volkswagen ID. family. In terms of the rear, the rear design of the ID.6 CROZZ echoes the front face. Compared with the ID.6X, it is more sporty. The U-shaped silver decorative strip at the bottom of the bumper is the highlight of the rear.

ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1 1

ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1 2

ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1 3

ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1 4

ID.6 CROZZ headlight area is larger1 5

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