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New Energy Battery Technology Attracts the Favor of Mercedes Benz and Toyota

New energy battery technology attracts the favor of Mercedes Benz and Toyota

New Energy Battery Technology Attracts the Favor of Mercedes Benz and Toyota 1

When Buffett's shares won the popularity of BYD Wang Chuanfu, the "invisible champion" of the upstream technology of a new energy vehicle in Chengdu is also gaining the favor of international capital. In the past month, the key members of China and even the Asia Pacific region of multinational giants such as Mercedes Benz, Toyota, general motors and general electric have respectively heard the wind and planned to make use of Chengdu's new automobile power battery technology and production capacity to carry out market and even deeper strategic cooperation. One of the world's top 500 enterprises has begun to contact it to discuss strategic investment. On the 2nd, the senior management of Sichuan Baosheng new energy battery company in Pixian County confirmed the above matters.

Features: it can be used from minus 50 to 60 The key technology of electric vehicle lies in power battery and electronic control system. "We started to participate in the West China International Fair last year, and few people paid attention to the power battery as the core of electric vehicles." the senior management of Baosheng new energy battery company said that the dignitaries of many multinational companies learned the technical characteristics of new energy batteries made in Chengdu from a variety of formal and informal channels, so they began to contact on the spot.It is reported that ordinary Ni MH batteries can not work normally at a temperature below minus 20 , and the batteries often burst at a high temperature above 50 . The lead-acid battery used in automobile can not be charged and discharged normally at minus a few degrees Celsius. The wide temperature Ni MH power battery can charge and discharge normally in the temperature range of minus 50 to 60 , which is the leader in the world.

In addition, the wide temperature Ni MH power battery with the same volume has more than twice the energy reserve than the lead-acid battery. According to the calculation, the whole fuel drive system is replaced with wide temperature Ni MH power battery, and the energy storage can be used for 500 kilometers of car operation. Lead acid batteries are basically scrapped after 300 times of charge and discharge, while wide temperature Ni MH power batteries can be charged and discharged thousands of times with high current.

This technology comes from the scientific and technological team led by Tu Mingjing, a professor of Sichuan University. They have been engaged in the research of rare earth materials and new energy materials for a long time. At the end of last century, they undertook the follow-up energy storage research and development project of the National 863 plan. They have mastered the key technology of Ni MH battery at ultra normal temperature for ten years, and the key raw materials come from rare earth with rich reserves in Sichuan. "A few years ago, our five or six partners spent tens of millions to buy out this technology, established a company, invested heavily in R & D, and invested hundreds of millions over the past few years." an executive recalled that after three years of efforts, they developed a wide temperature range Ni MH power battery. For three consecutive years in 2006, 2007 and 2008, "there is no literature report on this battery at home and abroad." this is the world's leading patented technology with independent intellectual property rights in China.

New Energy Battery Technology Attracts the Favor of Mercedes Benz and Toyota 2

The test first breaks through the transformation of bus electric

Yesterday, the reporter saw in Baosheng new energy battery factory that two sample cars from Dandong Huanghai bus factory were placed in the factory. "We will cooperate to carry out the transformation test of all electric buses and hybrid buses." it is revealed that at present, Dandong Huanghai bus factory is at a leading level in the field of bus chassis, and the wide temperature Ni MH power battery made in Chengdu will be placed in this chassis, which is expected to form a endurance of 300 km at one charge. After the test is successful, the bus factory will apply for a new car catalogue.

"Hybrid and pure electric vehicle drive technology has ushered in the spring of development, and the first breakthrough in China lies in the bus field." Baosheng said that last year, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of science and technology asked the national public service fields such as bus, taxi, public affairs, sanitation and postal services to take the lead in promoting the use of energy-saving and new energy vehicles. As for whether lithium batteries or NiMH batteries should be widely promoted in new energy vehicles, the management rules for new energy vehicle manufacturers and product access issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in June 2009 clearly requires that at present, hybrid and electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries will be limited to sales and monitored in real time during operation, Hybrid and electric vehicles using NiMH batteries can be sold and used throughout the country.

It is estimated that only domestic buses are refitted into pure electric vehicles, it will be a wealth space of more than 600 billion yuan.Industry insiders believe that this will open up an emerging new energy vehicle industry chain for Sichuan.     The expansion plan is to invest 6 billion yuan in a new base in ChengduBaosheng new energy battery also hopes to go abroad with the help of multinational companies. Its executives revealed that the battery product supply initially negotiated with Toyota involves existing hybrid models and new all electric models.

"Now our factory in Pixian has a production capacity of 80 million ampere hours, which is not enough for Toyota alone." it is reported that Baosheng is looking for the address of phase II production project in many places in Chengdu, and plans to invest 6 billion yuan to form a production capacity of 5 billion ampere hours wide temperature Ni MH power battery, with an annual output value of 50 billion yuan and tax of 7.47 billion yuan, It will also drive related industries to achieve an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. "Many strategic investors are looking for us to talk about equity participation, and the financing is expected to be completed in the first half of the year." Baosheng's senior management disclosed that it will begin to guide the listing next year.

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