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Toyota Corolla Modified Suction Seat Ventilation Function

If the car is in the chair, there is steam between heaven and earth. Looking at the hot leather, it's just a big summer-- Modified from if the heart is in the dreamDon't you see, the red sun shines on the head, and the seat is as hot as a cannon. You don't see, light clothes wrap the wind to find cool, light clothes on and wet under. In this magical area of Guangdong, there are no four seasons, only a little hot and hot. The continuous warming is a dream of returning to summer, which has caused the panic of many motorists. Therefore, the recent ventilation projects are full of orders.Upgraded model: Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Modified Suction Seat Ventilation Function 1

Upgraded configuration: Yiran suction seat ventilationThe Toyota Corolla to be talked about today was introduced by old customers. The continuous warming has made car users who have long been used to seat ventilation and comfort feel uncomfortable when taking a friend's free ride. Then they went crazy to Amway to their friends. Amway all the way moved their friends, so they came to upgrade the pleasant air suction ventilation seat in the front row of their car after the negotiation.Now the seat is placed on soft linen cotton, waiting for construction. It can be seen that our riders and friends also believe in our riders and directly upgrade the front seat ventilation system in one breath. Although there are many modification stores outside today with seat upgrading projects, due to the uneven modification effects of experience and technology, many riders have suffered impulsive losses. Therefore, modification and upgrading are OK and cherished.

At the beginning of construction, in the face of various seat disassembly and assembly, as the first batch of stores to upgrade the seat ventilation system, they have already been familiar with it. For seat ventilation, the disassembly and assembly of seats is only one of them. The real difficulty lies in how to control the spatial mobility of seats and the structural characteristics of human body, To ensure that the upgraded seats will not affect the seats of the original vehicle and there is no sudden collapse.With the passage of time, the upgraded ventilation system has been displayed in front of us. Now the airtight leather has opened neat and uniform ventilation holes. Under the holes are carefully designed wind guide laminar flow. With the powerful brushless fan, start the switch to remove the heat, let the seat breathe freely and enjoy the refreshing driving.Finally, attach the GIF diagram. There is a picture and truth. It has strong absorption ability to absorb the muggy heat and keep cool.

So far, our seat ventilation design has been completed. Approaching summer, the heating up in recent days makes the seat ventilation project get the attention of riders again. However, there are still many bad businesses in the modification industry, which deceive riders with various means. For this, Xiaobian can only say: "refitting thousands of stores, safety first, non-standard refitting, and riders cry."Seat ventilation project of Fengcheng vehicle modification:In 2010, it began to study the post market modification of automobile seat ventilation / heating system,

In 2011, the loading technology exploration and process optimization of seat ventilation were officially started,In 2012, the construction of receiving vehicles for external business was started, and the laser drilling technology without wire removal was studied. It was also a year with the most complaints and the most compensation,From 2013 to now, Fengcheng car reform has never stopped serving you, experienced tens of thousands of high-end trains, experienced countless unexpected and unexpected problems, and experienced valuable experience after ten years of test. We still continue to explore and innovate, just to provide better product quality, professional, meticulous, safe and reliable car changing experience, Make every effort to live up to every trust;

Toyota Corolla Modified Suction Seat Ventilation Function 2


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