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Ziguang Zhanrui Launches 5g New Brand Toyota Pure Electric Concept Car

Ziguang zhanrui launches 5g new brandRecently, the Ziguang zhanrui Innovation future conference opened. At the conference, Ziguang zhanrui launched a 5g new brand Tanggula. It is understood that Tanggula is the birthplace of the Yangtze River and has a rich civilization.For Tanggula's new brand, Ziguang zhanrui has carried out the latest product division for 5g mobile platform, which is divided into 6, 7, 8 and 9 series. 6 series Pratt Whitney Volkswagen, 7 series mainly focus on product experience, 8 series mainly improve performance, and 9 series represent cutting-edge technology. The original t7510 will be renamed zhanrui Tanggula T740 and t7520 will be renamed T770.

Ziguang Zhanrui Launches 5g New Brand Toyota Pure Electric Concept Car 1

Among them, T770 is the first T770 in the world, and it has been successfully returned in early 2021. The time to pass the key test is less than 150 hours. 5g terminals equipped with T770 may be mass produced and put on the market in July 2021.Ziguang zhanrui said that the 5g CPE equipment of zhanrui's first generation 5g chip is now in mass production and commercial use, and the head module manufacturer has also developed 5g modules for zhanrui 5g chip. At present, zhanrui 5g CPE products have been listed in Thailand. Moreover, zhanrui 5g solution has been applied in business fields such as smart logistics, power and manufacturing, enabling thousands of industries.Toyota pure electric concept vehicle announced

Recently, according to the official news of Toyota, Toyota has unveiled its new exclusive pure electric series "Toyota BZ" to the world, and the first concept car of this series "Toyota bz4x concept" has also been displayed.According to the introduction, the exclusive series of Toyota BZ pure electric launched this time can show the concept of "all-round electrification recognized by consumers", and provide many cost-effective products for Chinese users.This series is based on the EV special platform and can meet various needs of various vehicles. "BZ" is the abbreviation of "beyond zero", which means that Toyota hopes to provide users with decisions beyond the value of zero emission. With the emergence of Toyota BZ, Toyota will also introduce "people-oriented" EV Models, so that users can adapt to switching from ordinary cars to EV Models, and feel the benefits of EV Models.

It is understood that Toyota bz4x is an SUV EV model developed by Toyota and Subaru. It uses the latest 4WD system developed with Subaru, and has the unique sensitivity of EV, so it can get a more reassuring driving feeling.This article is from it home

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