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Toyota Officially Opened the Three Cylinder Era! 1.5L Three Cylinder Corolla Listed

Among the domestic automobile manufacturers, Toyota and Volkswagen can be said to be the most cautious. Even if domestic cars such as Honda, GM and even Geely use three cylinder engines, Toyota and Volkswagen are well aware of the Chinese people's automobile engine idea of "six cylinder is the ideal and four cylinder is the bottom line".After all, GM and Ford have learned from the collapse of three cylinder engine sales.However, under the market cultivation of Honda, GM and Ford, and in the face of emission pressure, Toyota is now officially marching into the three cylinder era in China.

Toyota Officially Opened the Three Cylinder Era! 1.5L Three Cylinder Corolla Listed 1

On January 4, FAW Toyota launched a new (2021) corolla model, with a total of 1.5L three cylinder, 1.2t four cylinder and 1.8L dual engine powertrain. The original 1.8L fuel version will no longer be available.The new car has launched 12 models, with a price range of 109800-159800 yuan. Due to the arrival of the 1.5L three cylinder engine with lower positioning, the entry price of corolla dropped from 111800 yuan to 109800 yuan, entering the range of 110000 yuan for the first time.In addition, for the new 1.5L three cylinder engine, FAW Toyota officials also give additional discounts. Before February 28, if you buy a three cylinder 1.5L corolla model, you will receive a 1000 yuan fuel card, equivalent to a disguised discount of 1000 yuan.

According to the official information, this 1.5L three cylinder naturally aspirated engine has a maximum power of 121 HP and a peak torque of 148 n · m. It is matched with a simulated 10 Speed CVT transmission, with a thermal efficiency of 40% and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.1l/100km.Compared with the current 1.2t model, the maximum power of the latter is 116 HP, the peak torque is 185n · m, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 0.5l/100km.Although the power is increased and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced. However, the self-priming engine greatly reduces the peak torque of the vehicle by 37n · m, and the acceleration performance of the vehicle will also decrease a lot.

Now, Toyota has also compromised to market orientation and invested in the embrace of three cylinders. Toyota's move is also extremely bold for sales pillar models such as corolla. However, in the light of Toyota brand halo, whether domestic consumers are willing to accept the three cylinder engine will also give us a positive answer in the later sales.

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