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Nokia 9 Concept Map: 6.2-inch Double Curved Surface Snapdragon 845, Looks Like Samsung S8

Although Nokia has released a flagship mobile phone, there is nothing special in its appearance and it is still not attractive. Therefore, the foreign media designed such a Nokia mobile phone. This group of conceptual design drawings can clearly see that the Nokia 9 adopts the off screen design, which looks very much like the Samsung S8 at first glance.From the conceptual design drawing, the Nokia 9 adopts a hyperboloid screen design. It is said that the screen size is 6.2 inches, the upper and lower borders are retained, and the Nokia logo is designed in the lower border. It is said that the Nokia 9 uses 2K resolution and the display effect is very excellent.From the conceptual design drawing, this Nokia 9 front camera adopts a single camera design, which is said to use a 14 megapixel lens and 3x optical zoom. Moreover, from the conceptual design drawing, the iris recognition module is also adopted on the left side of the earpiece, which is designed symmetrically with the front camera on the right.

Nokia 9 Concept Map: 6.2-inch Double Curved Surface  Snapdragon 845, Looks Like Samsung S8 1

From the conceptual design diagram, there is no physical key at the bottom of the Nokia 9. The Nokia logo is directly designed on the bottom frame. This design is somewhat similar to Huawei mobile phones.From the conceptual design drawing, the Nokia 9 fuselage also adopts the curved surface design. The front and rear four curved surfaces are the same as those of Samsung mobile phones, but the curvature of the fuselage surface is high, which is very similar to Xiaomi 6.From the conceptual design drawing, this Nokia 9 adopts the rear dual camera design. These two cameras adopt 34 million Carl Zeiss lens and 6x optical zoom. The shooting effect has always been very good.

In terms of performance, it is said that Nokia 9 will use Xiaolong 845 processor and 8GB running memory, which will not lose to Samsung S8 in performance.The design of this Nokia 9 completely breaks through itself and presents a completely different design style from the past. If Nokia 9 really goes on sale according to this conceptual design, will you support the purchase?

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