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The Programmer's Day Is Coming, and the Double 11 Discount of Samsung Display Is Opening Synchronously

October 24 is the programmer's day. As a career with high topic in the current society, programmers accompany the code every day and look at the monitor for a long time. The promotion of pre-sale has also been started at the double 11 National Congress. Programmers may as well "upgrade" their monitors to help improve their work efficiency and quality of life.Samsung Smart Monitor can also "cloud office" at home, so that programmers can get twice the result with half the effortSamsung Smart Monitor smart display is a multifunctional display integrating work, entertainment, leisure and intelligence. As an office worker, the monitor in the programmer's home not only undertakes the function of home entertainment, but also sometimes has to deal with "emergencies" at work. Relying on the built-in chip of Samsung Smart Monitor smart display, Samsung Smart Monitor smart display has the ability of remote office. It can easily realize "cloud office" through remote access (Remote Desktop) only through the remote computer, screen wireless sharing and other functions carried by the product.

The Programmer's Day Is Coming, and the Double 11 Discount of Samsung Display Is Opening Synchronously 1

Nowadays, electronic products have become indispensable items in people's life, especially for "technology controlled" programmers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many other devices are necessities of life. Samsung Smart Monitor smart display supports Samsung DEX, one touch projection, image projection and other projection methods, as well as multiple connection functions such as usb-c, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth and WiFi, so as to easily meet their "peripheral connection" needs and realize the connection between different devices and displays.In addition, Samsung Smart Monitor smart display supports 4K resolution, combined with the application of low blue light non flashing screen and ambient light adaptive technology, which can alleviate eye fatigue caused by work and entertainment to a certain extent. Samsung Smart Monitor smart display has built-in more than 30 apps, including keep, mango TV, bean and fruit food and other different fields. It can also realize AI voice control to meet daily needs.Recently, Samsung Smart Monitor smart display has also launched a new s32am703uc. The white back panel is more elegant and textured, allowing programmers to immerse themselves in their work and distinguish themselves from their surrounding colleagues, making them more eye-catching and different.

Xuanlong Knight Series - enjoy the game, so that programmers can show their skills in the game worldAlex ICH, who is an expert programmer in the virtual world at work, is also very skilled in the game world. Alex ICH, one of the four French kings in Europe recognized by players, chose to become an excellent programmer after retirement. If you are also an E-sports expert among programmers, the Samsung Xuanlong Knight display can help you find more fun in your spare time games.

Samsung Xuanlong Knight E-sports display includes Neo G9, G9, G7, G5 and other products. Among them, Samsung Xuanlong Knight E-sports displays G7 and G9 support 240Hz refresh rate, and cooperate with g-sync technology to realize bidirectional synchronization between the output image of the graphics card and the refresh rate of the display, making the picture more smooth and smooth; 1ms response time makes the "response speed" of Samsung Xuanlong Knight E-sports display faster, which can minimize the input delay, effectively improve the phenomenon of picture residue and blur, optimize FPs to the greatest extent, and make the picture output of the game more stable and clear.

At the same time, according to the needs of different players, Samsung Xuanlong Knight also launched the Samsung Xuanlong Knight E-sports display Neo G9 with stronger image quality and imaging strength, which presents perfect picture details and overall appearance for players with the blessing of mini LED technology. Under the action of 1000r curvature, the 49 inch double 2K large screen makes the whole picture more texture and effectively improves the immersion of the game.It is worth mentioning that Samsung Xuanlong Knight s27r350, c27g75t, c32g75tqs, f24g33tfwc and other products can realize 180 rotation of the screen, which is a general welfare for programmers of daily coding. It can not only find the fun of life in the game, but also greatly improve work efficiency.Samsung high-resolution display - clear viewing, with bright and flexible image quality to alleviate the fatigue of programmers

The Programmer's Day Is Coming, and the Double 11 Discount of Samsung Display Is Opening Synchronously 2

When it comes to programmers, it's easy to think of a word - "home". When you're home, it's a good choice to use a high-score monitor to catch up with dramas and watch movies. In order to improve the viewing experience, the Samsung u32j592 high-resolution display provides 3840x2160 high-definition 4K resolution, wider vision and more delicate image details, presenting a theater level visual experience; The professional color number of up to 1.07 billion makes the display color more fresh and gorgeous, makes each frame more vivid and vivid, and further improves the winter home viewing experience. Samsung u28r550 high-resolution display adopts IPS panel, 178 wide viewing angle makes the viewing angle more balanced, hdr10 high dynamic range image effect creates a deep and transparent picture texture, and makes the light and dark detail display more hierarchical.

The above two Samsung high-resolution displays have the low blue light eye protection mode certified by Rhine blue light prevention in Germany, which can effectively reduce the harm of blue light radiation and alleviate the eye fatigue caused by long-term use without the help of flashing screen technology. Programmers can watch enough wonderful dramas at a time.At the opening of the double 11 event, programmers can pay attention to JD's self operated Samsung flagship store, tmall's Samsung display flagship store and tmall haoniu digital franchise store, and buy a favorite display!Editing: fqj

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