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What Is Recommended for Wearing a Stable Sports Bluetooth Headset, and What Is Recommended for the Brand of Ear Hook Headset

Exercise and fitness can not only strengthen the body, but also improve bad emotions. Nowadays, many people take exercise as their daily habit. Some people like to go to the gym for fitness, iron rolling or outdoor running after work. It is also a good choice to wear headphones to listen to music during fitness. Choosing a suitable headset can also make sports more interesting. The following summary summarizes several Bluetooth ears suitable for sports.The first South Carolina runner pro2 bone conduction Bluetooth headsetOfficial selling price: 1398

What Is Recommended for Wearing a Stable Sports Bluetooth Headset, and What Is Recommended for the Brand of Ear Hook Headset 1

In order to give better play to the characteristics of bone conduction without damaging the ear, Nanka bone conduction provides all-weather healthy listening habits. The material is made of highly active and flexible titanium metal, which can automatically adapt to the size of the head circumference, provide tightness and tightness, and just fit the skin. In order to better reduce the body weight, this headset also adopts space-class body material, with the body weight of only 28g, so it can be worn comfortably all day.

In the bone conduction industry, Nank Nanka also has a relatively leading bone conduction technology. Aiming at the problem of sound leakage most concerned by users, Nanka runner Pro 2 brings a better solution. Ot closed leakage reduction 3.0 technology independently developed by South Carolina. At the same time, an integrated fuselage without splicing and 0 opening of South Carolina runner Pro 2 is built, and an intelligent inverse acoustic system is built, so as to finally achieve 90% leakage reduction effect. In terms of configuration, it also supports 16g fuselage memory, ipx8 waterproof, NFC fast connection and other functions.

Second, Shaoyin as800 bone conduction sports headsetOfficial selling price: 1298

Shaoyin as800 adopts a relatively stable rear ear hanging design. The volume of the double magnet design scheme is 35% lower than that of the previous generation of products. The measured weight is 26G. The 30 tilt technology is matched with a titanium wire, which is fully in line with the ergonomic ear design and will not be affected in a variety of sports such as running. It has both flexibility and strength, and can be stretched and bent greatly without fear of damage. The fuselage shell adopts a two-color and two-stage injection molding process. Operation. The left bone conduction sound generating unit of Shaoyin as800 provides a multi-function button to support music playing, answering calls, activating mobile phone voice assistant and other functions. The right ear hook provides volume increase and decrease buttons, and has switching functions, Bluetooth pairing and other functions. The only disadvantage is the low cost performance, which does not support mp3 local playback.

What Is Recommended for Wearing a Stable Sports Bluetooth Headset, and What Is Recommended for the Brand of Ear Hook Headset 2

Third, essonio bone conduction Bluetooth headsetOfficial selling price: 2611

The overall appearance of the headset is displayed. Although the cavity is a little large, it actually weighs only 30g. The skeleton is made of titanium alloy. The ear part is wrapped with a layer of textured medical grade silica gel. The interactive keys of the fuselage are physical keys, which are all distributed outside the right cavity. The greater the fun like the auricle here is to facilitate blind operation, On the other hand, the size of the built-in unit is that the micro USB charging port located at the edge of the right cavity of the fuselage is a little out of tune with the times. Fortunately, it supports 8g of local memory and can be free of mobile phone when running. The waterproof level also supports the level of ipx8. You can choose to wear it when swimming.

Fourth, Newman ge05 bone conduction sports headsetOfficial selling price: 239

The advantage of the entry-level bone conduction headset is that you can customize the version and size of the memory. If you don't have the demand for local playback, you can choose the Standard Version, which is relatively cheaper, or 8g and 16g memory. However, I think it's better to have memory. It's more convenient when you don't want to bring your mobile phone when running. Generally speaking, 8g memory is enough, If you are a music lover, you can choose the 16g version. If you experience it, you can only afford this price. Nank Nanka is recommended with a budget. You will do better in terms of comfort and sound leakage.

Section 5: Nank Nanka CC II bone conduction sports headsetOfficial selling price: 299

Nank Nanka, as the top 1 brand in the bone conduction headset industry, has been a hot commodity in recent two years. Since the release of Nank Nanka's first consumer grade bone conduction runner CC, its ultra-high cost performance has made bone conduction headphones into the mass market, which not only makes more people realize the beauty of bone conduction headphones, but also deeply affects the development trend of today's headset industry. This second generation also continues the concept of the previous generation, retains the magnetic suction charging only available in the flagship model, also has ultra-high cost performance, and has been greatly improved in configuration. It focuses on running, cycling and other non ear user groups.


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