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What should I do if my car lights fog up?

Winter is here, and the foggy season is here again. Visibility is gradually reduced. I hope that all car enthusiasts can travel safely. When driving in foggy weather, slow down. Safety is king.


Not only are roads prone to fogging

Car lights are also prone to fogging

Today we are going to talk about what to do if your car lights fog up.

A: Why do car lights fog up?

It’s winter now, especially in the cold and humid Southwest. Many car owners have their car lights fogging up.

Reason 1: Due to the low temperature, the air in the headlight encounters the cold lampshade and condenses into small water droplets that adhere to the inner surface of the lampshade, causing fogging. Simply put, the temperature difference is too large and the hot air is pre-cooled, causing fogging. . It’s the same principle as the fogging of your own glass in winter, so why does the glass fog up in the morning and evening and disappear at noon? Because it’s cold in the morning and evening! At noon, as the temperature rises, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference decreases and reaches equilibrium (without turning on the air conditioner), so the fog naturally disappears. Fogging caused by this reason will usually disappear automatically after the headlights have been running for a period of time.

Reason 2: Fogging caused by water intrusion into the car lamp. Due to poor sealing of the car lamp, a large amount of water vapor in the environment enters the interior of the lamp body. When the internal temperature of the car lamp is lower than the critical saturation temperature of this part of the water vapor, water droplets will be adsorbed. In the lamp cavity, water gradually accumulates to form water. When the car lamp is working, due to the increase in internal temperature, the water accumulated in the lamp is heated and evaporates, and precipitates in the low-temperature area of ​​​​the inner surface of the lampshade to form a serious water mist phenomenon. So how to deal with this situation?

What should I do if my car lights fog up? 1

B: How to correctly deal with fogging caused by water intrusion?

We must pay special attention to this situation and handle it in time, otherwise it will easily cause a short circuit in the circuit inside the lamp. Causing unnecessary losses, once discovered, please go to a repair shop, 4S shop or professional lighting upgrade shop as soon as possible. You may ask, aren’t the headlights sealed? How could water get in? In fact, the headlights are not sealed. Each headlight has ventilation holes when it grows.

What should I do if my car lights fog up? 2

Let’s first talk about the reasons for water intrusion

1. Reasons for the car lights themselves:

The parts used in car lights, such as back covers, bulb holders, dimming screws, sheaths, breathable covers and other sealing parts, are out of tolerance, causing quality problems with the sealing of the lamp itself.

2. Man-made or external reasons:

Sealing problems are caused by car owners' car lights being violently impacted from the outside during use, causing the lampshades to crack, and unauthorized modifications to the car lights causing damage to the rubber grooves.

What should I do if my car lights fog up? 3

If the water intrusion is not serious,

The way to deal with this situation is generally to remove the car lights and heat and dry the water vapor.

If you enter the water, you can raise fish.

It is recommended to open the headlight mask before drying it. The advantage of this is that it can remove the stains left on the mask due to accumulated water and dry it more thoroughly.

C: How to prevent car lights from fogging?

1. Reduce the temperature inside the lamp

Choose to add appropriate breathable components (available on Aubao) to fully exchange gas with the outside world and accelerate the flow of gas in the lamp, which can effectively reduce the humidity and temperature in the lamp, thereby reducing the risk of fogging. This method is similar to that of glass windows in winter. When fogging occurs, just like opening the door and ventilating the air, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is reduced, and the fog on the glass will naturally disappear.

What should I do if my car lights fog up? 4

2. Install a dehumidification device inside the lamp

The common desiccant is the quicklime dry bag. You should have seen this. Some car lights come with dry bags from the factory, which greatly reduces the risk of fogging. However, this method has disadvantages: the dehumidification device used generally changes with the amount of moisture absorbed. Increases and tends to be saturated. After saturation, it will release the absorbed moisture into the lamp, accelerating the fogging of the lamp. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the dehumidification device be installed in a convenient location within the lamp, such as in the back cover of the casing, which can be removed regularly. Dry so that it maintains efficient dehumidification.

What should I do if my car lights fog up? 5

The above method is also a method used by designers. However, not every lamp designer designs it so perfectly. There are also quality problems that we cannot foresee, otherwise there will be water intrusion and fogging. Say this.

Finally, remember that water in the headlight must not be ignored and must be dealt with as soon as possible.

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