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What to do if the headlights fog up? How to solve it?2

What to do if the headlights fog up? How to solve it?2 1

After washing the car, I found that water mist appeared on the headlights, and it couldnt be wiped off no matter how hard I wiped it off. Have any of you car owners ever encountered this situation? In fact, this is because water has entered the headlights, and the water is heated and condenses on the lampshade to form water mist. Why does this happen? Next, lets follow the car maintenance class and analyze it with examples.

1. Normal causes of water mist in headlights

First of all, the headlight is not completely sealed. One or more vents are usually reserved for heat dissipation and balancing the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the lamp. Under normal circumstances, when the headlights are on, the air in the lights expands after being heated and discharged through the vents. After the headlights are turned off, the air temperature inside the lamp decreases and the air shrinks, which will suck the outside air containing water vapor into the lamp.

If there is slight mist in the headlights, just turn on the headlights and drive for a while, and the mist will slowly disappear on its own.

What to do if the headlights fog up? How to solve it?2 2

2. Abnormal causes of water mist in headlights

In addition to the above normal reasons, if water mist often appears in the headlights and is difficult to dissipate, it means there may be some problems with the headlights. For the specific reason, car owners need to go to a FAW Toyota dealership to check and confirm.

Generally, there are three main causes of common problems:

01 Cleaning the engine compartment with a high-pressure water gun, or driving through water, causing water to enter the vents

If you have recently had your car washed or driven through water in rainy days, the fog in your headlights is most likely caused by water entering the vents. In this case, a professional technician from a FAW Toyota dealership needs to turn on the headlights, and then use dry compressed air to pass into the headlight vents to blow out the water vapor in the lampshade.

02 After a collision with the vehicle, the headlight cover or casing was broken.

After a minor collision of a vehicle, the lampshade or casing is prone to cracks, causing water to enter the headlights. The specific rupture situation requires a professional technician to remove the headlight for inspection. Depending on the severity of the rupture, Toyota pure brand parts may need to be replaced.

03 Modify lamps or use high-power light bulbs

In pursuit of brighter luminous intensity and longer illumination distance, some car owners choose to modify their headlights. There are two main types of headlight modifications: one is to dismantle and modify the headlights and replace the halogen bulbs in the lamps with xenon lamps or LED lamps. Disassembling and modifying the lamps requires separating the lamp shell from the lampshade. The sealant is unevenly applied during reassembly. It is easy to cause the headlights to be loosely sealed, leading to water mist problems.

Sealing glue between lampshade and housing

The other is to replace the high-power bulb. The contact surface between the original car headlight bulb and the lamp holder is equipped with a sealing ring, which can increase the sealing between the bulb and the lamp. The high-power bulb used has greater heat dissipation. Solving heat dissipation issues without installing seals. When washing the car or driving on rainy days, water can easily enter the interior of the lamp from between the high-power bulb and the housing.

What should I do if the three headlights are misting?

Dont panic when you encounter water mist from the headlights. Turn on the headlights and drive for a while and observe again. If the water mist disappears, there is no problem. If it does not disappear, please go to the nearest FAW Toyota dealership for help from professional technicians.

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